Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sour Kush (Shatter) - 3.9/5 - H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: light herbal note
Texture: a less brittle shatter, breaks, but not into more than one or two pieces (ideal in my opinion).
Appearance: transparent, a glossy amber. Looks like the Jurassic Park amber mosquito, but this is even better then dino dna, because of several reasons: 1. No one gets hurt… 2. Everyone gets high  3. Fun is had by all.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, a hint of perfume followed by a clean and savory finish, a la the Revolution Jugrnaut Diesel 
High: Great, thoughtful, like a detective up in here… Solved the mystery of the spelling of Jugrnaut Diesel (since spell check says no, but Revolution says yes, so they win)!!

THC 3.06% THCA 81.70% CBD 0.36% CBDA 0%

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Lime Skunk BHO Wax - 3.9/5 - S

Author: C.T.

Aroma: a nice sharp citrus note, lime... there isn't much skunk but that's fine, the lime is very nice..
Texture: breaks up well, doesn't stick to fingers, it can not be molded, too dry for that, but it doesn't crumble either....
Appearance: crystals, orange with lighter tan areas...
Smoke/Taste: nice, some mothball.. pretty smooth for the big hit I took.
High: Good, productive, out the door!
THC 5.83% THCA 76.88% CBD 0.0% & CBDA 0%

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Northern Lights #5 Terp Sauce - 3.5/5 - I

Author: C.T.

Aroma: a bright garden of first bloom flowers..

Texture: flows relatively fast
Appearance: golden honey, unfortunate that it’s out of the syringe that’s meant to contain it. There must have been a sudden temperature shift causing the non secured plunger to pop out of the well of the syringe, leaving the temp sauce strewn along the sides and bottom of the large glass container. Makes for quite the clean up. Dings score big time, by 1 full point (could have been 4.5, “could have been a contenda”…). 
Smoke/Taste: wonderful, very smooth, like breathing out a lightly scented floral bouquet. It has a ninja like approach of there but not there. Love it.

High: Creative, the words flow like a river to the tributary. I feel a great connection, even to my key board, the fingers and keys reach synergy & all’s free.
THC 63.779% THCA 0% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Chemnesia (Rosin) - S - 4/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Nice soft fruit, guava sweetness, bit of dust in the finish.
Texture: Waxy, like a silly putty but it’s not stringy when pulled the way silly putty does.
Appearance: Deep golden, almost a muddy orange, matte, opaque.
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth, touch of that sweet caramel note.
High: Mellowing while maintaining a nice motivation to get things done.. Nice combination. Feeling happy. I love my life, the earth, the whole of the universe… (added. .6 to the score).

THC 5.52% THCA 65.49% CBD 0.40% CBDA 0.83%

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Blockhead (Crumble) - I - 3.1/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Some mothball, hint of tangerine..
Texture: Holds well, crumbles a bit (true to its name), but can be handled and formed.
Appearance: Bright golden, matte, opaque. No bubbles.
Smoke/Taste: The mothball and tangerine translate directly to the flavor profile..
High: Analytical, relaxing..

THC 3.14% THCA 76.17% CBD 0.39% CBDA 0.27%

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