Snoozzzeberry Gummies - 3.75/5
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Snoozzzeberry Gummies - 3.75/5

Aroma: A candy style blueberry aroma, like lollypop blue. 

Texture: Soft bouncy gummies squish into blop.. 

Appearance: Gumdrop shaped, the embossed bit “e’ tops the mini gummy trapezoidal tower. 

 deep teal, like an underwater adventure. Opaque, matte.
Taste: like kids fruit snacks, but with more cannabis.
High: True to the name, ready for bed.. Maybe a chapter from the current book I’ve read? 

Eating them at a quarter till 8:00 might be too late. 

Time for read. 

I mean bed. 

No more words or processing their authors, the speedy sled into a rosey bed.  

THC 100mg CBN 20mg

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