Monday, January 27, 2020

BG Bhang Cookies & Cream white chocolate 100mg (10mgx10) (H) - 3.3/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Oreo cookie, chocolate..

Texture: Dense to the bite then has a smooth mouthfeel..

Appearance: Classic cookies & creme look with a green hue.
Taste: Very pleasant, yummy to my tummy. Dangerous possibly, almost too good. Nice sweet and hint of salt thing happening.
High: Relaxing, mellow..

THC 100mg (10mg split across 10 individually wrapped pieces) CBD 0mg

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Monday, January 6, 2020

BG Tigers Eye (Rosin) - H - 2.9/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Bit of a floral aroma, lightly herbal.

Texture: Like a less stringy silly puddy.

Appearance: A bit of an olive green look, opaque.

Smoke/Taste: Pretty smooth, a bit peppery in the finish.

High: Thoughtful, relaxing, enables the letting go of stressful thoughts. Was a bit stressed earlier and could care less now. Good, as that was what I was hoping for. The high helped the final score.

THC 6.12% THCA 76.75% CBD 0.31% CBDA 0.21%

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Sugar Block (Crumble) - H - 4.23/5 (Jordan!)

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Clean mango..
Texture: Like a chunk of compressed honey comb..
Appearance: Opaque, bubbly, like compressed honey comb (sorry to be redundant but its true…).
Smoke/Taste: Hits very clean, like a buttered biscuit..
High: Lovely.. smooth like butta. Its very pleasant.

THC 4.07% THCA 80% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0.29%

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Super Silver Haze (Crumble) - H - 2.9/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: pleasant clean spring breeze note, has a soft sugar aroma, and a touch of new product smell, slightly astringent, like opening a bandage, but its an oddly good aroma.
Texture: dried out, handles easily..
Appearance: Flattened, not bubbly like some crumbles. Also lighter in color, more of a blond golden hue then most.
Smoke/Taste: Hits cleanly, some of the pleasant astringent note expressed a slightly sweet flavor profile, with a lightly chemmy/fuel like background note.
High: Thoughtful, productive.

THC 2.62% THCA 79.95% CBD 0.51% CBDA 0.63%

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Shawnee Hills (Budder) - H - 3/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: A nice funk (even from cold storage, tough act to pull off), a floral dust, a musky fruit note.
Texture: A bit thicker and grittier then classic budder, like a butter infused with taffy and sand.
Appearance: Opaque, golden with a hue that leans orange. Glossy, small crystals are viewable on the side of the container where it went down the wall, showing it thinned out. 
Smoke/Taste: Hits pretty clean, hint of a tickle in the finish..
High: Quick onset, cloaking, a bit foggy but relaxing, mellowing.. Stretch inducing.. a bit of a sleeper, best for evening.

THC 4.11% THCA 79.49% CBD 0.20% CBDA 0.16%

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