Monday, April 19, 2021

Rum Rummer Gems (5 pack, all in one sealed jar, 20mg per gummy) - 3.20/5 - H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Raw coconut with a rum blend. 

Texture: Pillowy gummies have a bounce to them, and separate solidly when chewed. 

Appearance: Opaque tan square gummies have a soft lightness to their presentation.

Taste: Vanilla, coconut lead the way… The central note has a mango lean with a rummy finish.

High: Thoughtful, as if at a long sea voyage.. Will it be a good trip? After arriving back ashore, all is well, maybe better then before. THC 100mg CBD 0m

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Snoozzzeberry Gummies - 3.75/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: A candy style blueberry aroma, like lollypop blue. 

Texture: Soft bouncy gummies squish into blop.. 

Appearance: Gumdrop shaped, the embossed bit “e’ tops the mini gummy trapezoidal tower. 

 deep teal, like an underwater adventure. Opaque, matte.
Taste: like kids fruit snacks, but with more cannabis.
High: True to the name, ready for bed.. Maybe a chapter from the current book I’ve read? 

Eating them at a quarter till 8:00 might be too late. 

Time for read. 

I mean bed. 

No more words or processing their authors, the speedy sled into a rosey bed.  

THC 100mg CBN 20mg

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Margalope - 2.9/5 - H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Opening container - Nice sweet aroma, caught a vague milk chocolate note, like a light cocoa with a baking vanilla cake note.. 

Broken buds- Nice classic floral funk cannabis note is followed by that nice sweet cocoa-vanillla note.
Texture: Buds are dried perfectly, break with ease without crumbling. Great overall texture.
Appearance: Buds are mid green, not neon and not dark, right in the middle of the cannabis flower green spectrum. Calyxes are small to midsized with semi withered orange pistils protruding. The occasional sparkle of a small gland head is visible to the naked eye when viewing the inside of a split flower cluster.  

Smoke/Taste: The hit could be smoother.. Nice flavor profile for flower but I was hoping for a bit of the cocoa aroma to transfer to the flavor profile. Luckily a bit did and granted, this isn’t Chocolope but its parentage (Chocolope x Frozen Margy) had led me to hope for a more pronounced expression of traits in the offspring.
High: Motivated, creative.. Good daytime high. Its a good one for problem solving as well, as I’m realizing if I really want those great cocoa floor notes of the chocolope, I can just take a hit through a bong with a chocolate milkshake instead of water…  Easier yet, just take a hit after a big bite of a 25mg Bhang Milk Chocolate from Bedford Grow (4/5), just a lovely cannabis chocolate & great to keep on hand.. They are the gold standard in chocolate edibles, like Hershey’s but wayyyy better.

THC 1.20% THCA 18.75% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Black Jack (Sugar) - 4.20/5 - H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: some light pine, bright lemon, touch of a dry herbal melody finish (basil, tarragon, sage), light mothball finish. 
Texture: clumped sparking waxy chunk-lets..
Appearance: Sparking, a bit of a dark brown, opaque, matte.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, there is a soft vanilla in the flavor profile.. some tropical fruit, sugar sweetness..
High: Productive, went to work on a review after seeing it was on sale and I had already purchased one to write about, on top of that the photograph was already done, so it was basically heeding me to the call of the “high-ild” (“wild”)… Feeling good, happy. Very balanced high, a nicely even split hybrid. Typing comes with easy, as do the words.. Yes sir, I do believe I like it..  Wrote this part before any other part of the review, just after taking a dab. It was such a nice high, I had to immediately take note. This is 4.20/5 country here..

THC 1.60% THCA 84.90% CBN 0.19% CBD 0.35% & CBDA 0.31%

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Nikko (Crumble) - 4.20/5 - I

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Citrus, dust.. A Flo note, very nice.
Texture: Smoother and less crumble like for a crumble, its basically the consistency of soft candle wax, no bubbles in it..
Appearance: Opaque, matte appearance, hue is a slightly olive tan.
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth, finishes clean.. Has a Flo flavor profile, very great..
High: Motivated, especially for an indica..but there is a cill and relaxation it, very nice….

THC 2.97% THCA 86.00% CBD 0.26% & CBDA 0%

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