Wellness Group Pharms Concentrate Review


Pink Lemonade D+S (Diamond Sauce) - S - 4.75/5 ! 

Aroma: a sweet and sharp citrus (reminiscent of pink lemonade, appropriately..), also a bit of a new construction aroma..
Texture: Large chunk diamonds, a thin sheet of sauce coats all..
Appearance: The diamonds average the size of a folded grin of rice (more square than rectilinear), and have a transparency to them. The sauce has been applied directly to the diamonds at the time of packaging, unlike other diamond/sauce combination packaging, such as Cresco.
Smoke/Taste: Lovely… a little dab ‘ll do ya. Felling relaxed and yet it’s not a sleepy high, I have energy and motivation, just in a relaxed fashion.
High: Wonderful, functional, unforgettable. This is very nice, with an artistic, creative bend to it. I am getting far more done then I even planned, and I feel like I can get somebody else list done if need be… Bring it on world. Typing faster and faster, like a ninja through the night right now.. Slash, bash and I’m out like the lights of the candelabra I just cut with the ninja sword. Out comes a large poof of dab smoke and I’m gone…………….. 

This will score very well.

THC 3.83% THCA 84.90% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Sour Diesel (Live Budder) - 4.5/5 

Aroma: Citrus, hint of fuel.
Texture: Smooth goo, some crystal chunks.
Appearance: translucent, some crystal chunks floating in a golden terpy crystal mix.
Smoke/Taste: Great taste, has a clean breeze meets a tropical fruit basket situation happening..
High: Creative, fun, happy, carefree. Fuck it man, lets go bowling.

THC 3.88% THCA 77.06% CBD 0.40% CBDA 0.20%