Review of Wellness Group Pharmacuticals Flower


Alien OG - 2/5 

Aroma: Open: some lemon, apple, some sage, grass

Broken: nice fruit aroma

Texture: too dry...why... WHY!!

Appearance: crystals, big calyxes, withered light orange hairs, light green with dark green leaves.

Smoke/Taste: a sweet taste is blocked by the harshness of being overly dry.

High: Quick, bit foggy, a bit warm. pretty good

CBD 0.10% CBDA 0% THC 0.42% THCA 24.27%

Alien Rock Candy- 2.9/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- some pleasant fruit and pine, herbal as well.
Broken buds- some moth ball, a very pleasant herbal note, sage like..
Texture:perfect, nicely balanced.
Appearance: light green buds on the pale side, small calyxes, little orange hairs, small crystals.
Smoke/Taste: pretty mellow flavor profile, some of the herbal notes come through..
High:Relaxing, chiller, bit on the sleepy side.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.39% THCA 28.80% 

Boss Hog - 3.5/5 

Little light on flavor, 4/5 if it had more, looks nice, trimmed well, 

Great funky aroma (BO in a good way), 

smooth smoke, 

nice fun high

THC 0.19% THCA 17.69% CBD 0.10% & CBDA 0.06%

Bubble Yum - 2.7/5 

Aroma: Opening container- a bit of a light bubble gum aroma..
Broken buds- more sugary bubble gum, nice.
Texture: dry
Appearance: mid green, small calyxes, big orange hairs…
Smoke/Taste: pretty clean..
High: mellow, relaxing..
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.37% THCA 22.47%

Casey Jones - 2.7/5 

Aroma: Opening container- too much material... once I got through it all, aroma is sweet, floral..

Broken- a nice funk, floral, bit of a Italian lunch note, herbal..

Texture: good, a very little bit on the dry side..

Appearance:  1st off: too much packaging with WPG Aeriz line.. this was to the max,  with a pen and stickers and a one sided info printout. I feel like this  is too much and it is not necessary in a basic gram package. we have one  earth and really don’t need to package ourselves to death, this is  ineffectual. 

If the bud is good, it will win.

Smoke/Taste: clean smooth smoke, not a lot of flavor, a bit floral.

High: pretty chill, clear headed THC .81% THCA 25.05% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.78%

CBD OG - 2/5 

Aroma: Open: touch of dust, sweet aroma Broken: nice citrus

Texture: dry.. but it was 1 gram in a very large container, so that may be why..

Appearance: crystals, orange hairs, small to mid sized calyxes, light to mid green, semi airy buds...

Smoke/Taste: nice sweet citrus flavor but some clear harsh in the finish due to dryness. 

High: Mellow...

THC 0.34% THCA 8.94% CBD 0% & CBDA 7.09%

Charlotte's Web - CBD - 2.5/5 

Aroma: Open: grass, hay, light barn aroma

Broken: more grassy aroma.., another bud had a citrus & slightly skunky aroma..

Texture: metal tin, yet not too dry.. breaks up well..

Appearance: green w withered orange hairs, some crystals

Smoke/Taste: ok, relatively smooth with a bit of dryness at the end..

High: THC 0.01% THCA 1.04% CBD 0.26% & CBDA 17.98%!

China Berry - 2.25/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grass, straw..
Broken buds- nice perfume note, soft, clean
Texture: on the dry side..
Appearance: mid green with a tan hue, mid sized calyxes, orange hairs
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, not much flavor profile..
High: Light, mellow mood
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.61% THCA 22.25%

Chocolope - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Open: nutty, light cocoa...

Broken: touch of B.O. funk..

Texture: bit dry, metal container may be to blame, higher if not as dry..

Appearance: sativa like, orange hairs, some crystals... light to mid green

Smoke/Taste: smooth, hint of chocolate, not a big note like in Amsterdam..

High: very high, increased score THC 0.29% THCA 22.82% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Clementines - 3.3/5 

Aroma: Open: nice big citrus aroma

Broken: very nice, reminds me of the PharmaCannis Razzmatazz, fruity with a sandalwood note & a nice lightness..

Texture: metal tin yet breaks up very well, good texture, just a hint on the dry side but its not problematic..

Appearance: Sativa like horns.. good crystals, orange hairs, light green. large calyxes

Smoke/Taste: very nice, pretty smooth, good flavor similar to the Razzmataz as well.

High: THC 0.52% THCA 16.65% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Critical Mass CBD - 3.5/5 

Aroma: Open: Sweetness, red apples.. Broken: herbal, hoppy, berry....

Texture: perfect, brakes, yet moist

Appearance: medium green, orange hairs...

Smoke/Taste: Sweet smoke, similar to GL Gelato...

High: good, well done.

Deadhead  OG - 2.85/5 

Aroma: Open: some funk & fruit, apples Broken: some  herbal funk, fruity, big citrus note, pine, sight sourness (lemon),  pineapple maybe..

Texture: firm yet breaks up good..

Appearance: crystals, light green calyxes with slightly dark green leaves light orange hairs

Smoke/Taste:  relatively smooth smoke, took a big hit & it was nice till the very  end of the exhale.. ok taste but it seems like it would be tastier with  the big aroma.

High: Nice high, pretty quick onset, slight fuzziness in my brain piece.. good..

THC 1.26% THCA 22.58% CBD & CBDA 0%

Deadhead OG (2nd review, metal container) - 3/5 

Aroma: Open: nice herbal, citrus 

Broken: even more, very good

Texture: breaks up well after being moved to a glass container....

Appearance: crystals, orange hairs, smallish calyxes

Smoke/Taste: ok, smooth enough

High: THC 1.2% THCA 23.75% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.24%

Dr. Who - 3.5/5 

Very nice slight skunk aroma, followed by a mostly smooth, very flavorful smoke

THC 0.697% THCA 18.309% CBD 0.108% & CBDA 0.074%

Fire OG- 2.5/5

Aroma: Open: grassy Broken: peppery, spicy, herbal, some funk, touch of onion?

Texture: good, breaks up well, sativa like structure..

Appearance: horned a bit, sativa look to it, light green some crystals & withered orange hairs, medium sized calyxes 

Smoke/Taste: ok, some funk comes through, slight finishing harshness

High: nice, felt it like on my face, below my eyes, like an instant feel.. helped score

Glueberry OG – 2.05/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grassy, barn yard Broken buds-floral
Texture: good
Appearance: light green 

Smoke/Taste: Mhhh, with a bit of harsh in the finish
High: Chillin, light...
THC 0.52% THCA 14.80% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Golden  Temple Kush- 2.5/5

Aroma: Open: fruity, grassy, touch of hop pellet,  peppercorn Broken: very floral, a sweet citrus like mandarin oranges

Texture: ok, like there are little harder parts (found a big large seed (2 total) in the bud, this is why..), segmented. 

Appearance: crystals, large, swollen calyxes long orange hairs, middle to light green

Smoke/Taste: floral, a hint of something almost tuna like (very light)..

High: Ok, mellow, not foggy 

THC 0.44% THCA 21.33% CBD & CBDA 0%

Gorilla Glue - 3.65/5 

Aroma: Open: some dusty funk hints in the inital aroma Broken: a peanut butter note..

Texture: great, soft yet breaks up & stems crack perfectly..

Appearance: Crystals, medium sized calyxes, sativa like thin leaves..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, a chemical note, like a whiff of rubbing alcohol, but nice in a way..

High: Very nice, light yet full & very high, 1st smoke of the day so easy to tell..

Harmony - 2.87/5 

Aroma: Open: floral, grassy in a good way, nice

Broken: very nice! fruity, bubblegum, cotton candy!, lovely...

Texture: metal tin, breaks up ok..

Appearance: light green buds with withered light orange hairs, pointed buds

Smoke/Taste: smooth... nice, floral, but not big on flavor.

High: THC .64% THCA 16.42% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Heavy Duty Fruity – 2.6/5 

Aroma: Opening container- berry Broken buds- berry, citrus, sugar 

Texture: ok, balanced. 

Appearance: Buds are very stemy, makes packing a bit hard.. 

Smoke/Taste: good, pretty clean.. bit of fruit.
High: chill, relaxing..
THC 0.63% THCA 22.52% CBD 0.14% & CBDA 0% 

Holy Stic - 2/5 

Aroma: Open: light floral Broken: Fruity floral aroma, candy sweetness

Texture: nice, not too dry, not too moist..

Appearance:  had a big dark bean (and several others in the buds, likely responsible  for a good amount of unusable weight) rolling around the bottom of the  huge envelope the 1 gram came in.. light green, light orange hairs,  crystals..

Smoke/Taste: The first bowl had a  small seed in it, so it was a wash, packed another & it was better  without the seed, not a great flavor but ok, mild. pretty smooth.

High: Good, chill, felt it pretty soon after smoking.

THC 0.45% THCA 22.58% CBD & CBDA 0%

Mk Ultra - 2.8/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- grass
Broken buds- light breeze through the pine trees..
Texture: tight buds have a good moisture level..
Appearance: Light green, some lime green hues, orange pistils, small calyxes.
Smoke/Taste: smooth hitting, light on a noteable flavor profile.. a subtle floral note.
High: Thoughtful, soooo deeeeeep in thought. Good for meditation.

THC 0.18% THCA 24.55% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Pink Lemonade - 2.7/5 

Aroma: Open: citrus aroma, rose

Broken: a sweetness, funk, rounded aroma, nice

Texture: a bit dry, cant control braking up buds very well... crumbles a bit too much..

Appearance: nice, rainbow with a range of colors represented orange hairs with light green leaves for the most part. crystals..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, not huge on flavor, but whets there is like a glass of iced tea with lemon...

High: THC .51% THCA 17.85% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Sour Diesel - 1.95/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grass
Broken buds- bit of a muted peppercorn, spices
Texture: dry
Appearance: on the tan side.. orange hairs, mid sized calyxes.
Smoke/Taste: rough finish.. a soft candy note on the back end.
High: Ok, a bit foggy.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.64% THCA 19.60%

Therapy - 2/5 

Aroma: Opening container- veggie..  Broken buds- bit floral
Texture: dry
Appearance: dark green, gritty, small caylexes Smoke/Taste: bit rough 

High: mehhh, please try again..
THC 0.27% THCA 6.42% CBD 0.28% & CBDA 10.95% 

Twenty Two - 2.5/5 

Citrus aroma, lime notes, Ok taste, mellow smoke

THC 0.53% THCA 16.96% CBD 0.12% & CBDA 0.05%