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These folks are AWESOME, stop by and say HI!

Shout Outs: 

Marabis (Springfield)

HCI (Springfield)

Dispensary 33 (Chicago)

Salveo Health & Wellness (Canton)

THANKS to Marabis & HCI in Springfield, Dispensary 33 in Chicago, as well as Salveo Health & Wellness in Canton (My 1st Illinois Dispensary!).

Shout out to Dan Linn, the General Manager at Marabis and their wonderful daily & 4/20 deals, great people & price points. Very grateful still for all you guys did. I think you guys still hold the record for the most stuff purchased for the lowest price. Everyone could benefit from trying these guys out...

Other Marabis shout outs to Jeremy, John, Andrea, Gabrielle, TJ, Kelly, Lindy, Cassie, Cory. Also, Nick, Mike, and Jordan on security, the crew does wonderful work. 

At HCI, HUGE THANKS to Chris Stone, Alex, Justin, Christine, Grace, Paul, both Kellys, Pat, Melissa, Emma, Kyla, Emerald, Ryan, Jamie & everyone else there. You guys are like family and everyone should experience shopping here at some point, preferably often. Everyone has wonderful customer service, great knowledge of what can be helpful for people new to cannabis and those already familiar, all in a beautiful facility. 

We have to send a massive THANK YOU to Sarah at Dispensary 33, as well as to Quinn and Alex (also at Dispensary 33) for the fantastic customer service! They have a great welcoming nature & give the VIP treatment to all, making first time customers feel like long time regulars. So if you are planning a trip to Chicago, try out Dispensary 33 (it only takes about 2 minutes to switch with the IDPH & its usually done within 24 hours). 

And of course, big shout out to my 1st Dispensary, Salveo Health & Wellness. You will always have a special place in my heart for being the 1st location in Illinois where I was able to purchase medical cannabis. Way to be guys...

Thanks again to all these fine people. They make the program work wonderfully, both for those already benefiting & for those soon to find relief with medical cannabis. From us at, we greatly appreciate all you folks do.