Review of Shelbey County Commpasion Services Flower


Black Mountain Kush - 3/5 

Aroma: Open: light, bit of mothball.. Broken: fruity, sweet, bubblegum..

Texture: nice, not too dry

Appearance: CRYSTALS!! 27% THC Small calyxes, orange hairs, beautiful..

Smoke/Taste:  nice initially, took a big hit & it was a bit harsh at the end..  floral & hashy taste, with the bowl smoking like it had hash on it  from all the crystals.. 

High: Very nice with good clarity, woke me up actually.. wish it tasted better..

THC 0.33% THCA 27.02%! CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 0.37% CBN 0% CBC 0%

Had a terpenes analysis as well (see photo)  

Cannatonic - (CBD) – 2.5/5 

Aroma: Open: hint of dust, grass, spice, pepper 

Broken: big fruit note, nice melon, citrus.. clean

Texture: Appearance: Good crystals, a rainbow thing happening with some purples, light greens, orange hair clusters

Smoke/Taste: ok, some funk, tiny hint of raw at the end..

High: Ok, chill

THC 0.65% THCA 7.75% CBD 0.75% CBDA 12.37% CBG 0.88% CBN 0.39% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo) 

Cuvee  - 3.3/5 (higher if smoother, best of any SCCS so far) 

Aroma: Open:  Broken: full melon, very pleasant, it has an indescribable note I've  smelled in lavender & other buds, very nice like a sweetness, dough  like, vanilla maybe, yes, like a floral, live vanilla, but from a  flower, an open aroma..

Texture: actually pretty good! thank goodness, I was worried it would be over dry, as others have been.

Appearance: light green buds with light orange hairs, nice shiny crystals, small to mid sized buds with a good trim.

Smoke/Taste: nice taste, but some harsh in the mid and finish

High: great

THC 0.54% THCA 27.19%! CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 0% CBN 0% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo from Mar.1, 2017)

Euphoria - 2.3/5 

Aroma: Open: citrus, hint of hop, funk Broken: nice, citrus, some pine, nice hop note...

Texture: actually pretty good! thank goodness, I was worried it would be over dry.

Appearance:  small popcorn nugs are mid to yellow green, crystals gleam on dense  buds that break up well. small calyxes, shave small orange hairs coming  out, leading me to think this is a sativa dominate strain.

Smoke/Taste: ok, citrus and some almost spearmint, anise comes through.. touch of hint of harsh in the finish..

High: Chill, mellow..

THC 0.75% THCA 7.22% CBD 0.77% CBDA 13.55% CBG CBN CBC

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo from Feb.7, 2017) 

Hurkle - 2.5/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grass, a bit of butterscotch
Broken buds- a brite tropical fruit basket, pineapple predominates.
Texture: Pretty good, some density, overall balanced moisture level.
Appearance: lime green nugs with a host of orange pistils..
Smoke/Taste: Neutral, with a bit of floral aspirations in the tail end.
High: Chillin, a bit more relaxed then just 1 minute ago, so that’s very nice..

THC 0% THCA 10.07% CBD 0% CBDA 7.76%


Alpha-Pinene: 3mg/g

Beta-Caryophyllene: 1mg/g 

Beta-Pinene: 4mg/g

Painkiller (only THC, no CBD) - 2.3/5 

Aroma: Open: some melon Broken Buds: fruity, citrus

Texture: dry, but with some sponginess surprisingly..

Appearance:  light green, crystals, horny but chunky.. many small to medium calyxes,  yellow tips on some leaves, almost a bluish hue in some crystal areas..

Smoke/Taste: ok, not much too it.. some citrus. touch of harsh at the finish, possibly from the dryness level.. 

High: good, quick onset

Painkiller #2 – 2.3/5 

Aroma: Open: grass, floral..

Broken: some faint citrus

Texture: on the dry side

Appearance: light green, orange hairs, some crystals, small to mid sized calyxes 

Smoke/Taste: ok, not much taste but smooth..

High: chill THC 0.37% THCA 18.85% CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 1.43% CBN 0.35% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo) 

Painkiller #3 - (CBD) – 2.1/5 

Aroma: Open: light, some citrus, dusty note

Broken: some citrus, pine, hop note

Texture: on the dry side..

Appearance: mid green, a bit pointed… small calyxes, orange hairs.

Smoke/Taste: ok, not much on flavor

High: THC 0% THCA 0.82% CBD 0.68% CBDA 17.66% CBG 1.02% CBN 0% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo)

Pennywise - 2.4/5 

Aroma: Open: some light fruit punch notes.. Broken: more fruit, apple..

Texture: dry, dense

Appearance: some small crystals, mid green buds, orange hairs

Smoke/Taste: hint of sandalwood at the end, some fruit in the hit but overall flavor is light, smoke is relatively smooth.

High: cool, good, better then the bud..

THC 0.43% THCA 9.5% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.43%

Pink Lemonade - 2.9/5 

Aroma:  Opening container-sweet and sugary aroma, very pleasent.. touch of a  nice dusty note.. bit of lemon Broken buds-great fruit note, bubblegum,  awesome!

Texture: good, breaks up well, dried nice

Appearance: lovely, great crystals.. light green buds, thin orange hairs, has a bit of sativa look...

Smoke/Taste:  great flavor but unfortunately a touch of harsh in the finish (this was  not a result of the smoking method for sure, used a freshly filled  clean bong with cold water)... may have needed a longer cure. too bad,  this was on the way to a great score. (could easily be a 4/5 if not for  the harshness...

High: Nice, energetic.. THC 0.46% THCA 9.98% CBD 0.42% & CBDA 12.86% (had a terp analysis too, see photo)

Shangri-la – 2.3/5 

Aroma: Open: nice dusty mango action.. Broken: fruit, some sourness

Texture: a bit on the dry side..

Appearance: interesting rainbow look, with some white hairs, along with yellow & orange.. light green, crystals…

Smoke/Taste: nice, some fruit comes through but a bit harsh on the back end.. dings the score..

High: THC 0.48% THCA 25.84% CBD 0% CBDA 0.73% CBG 0.42% CBN 0% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo)

Sweet Pea - (CBD) – 2.1/5 

Aroma: Open: earthy, dried grass

Broken: fruity.., floral.

Texture: tight, dense buds (not from compacting, just a dense growth structure..)

Appearance: crystals, long orange hairs, light green, small calyxes

Smoke/Taste: ok but a bit harsh.. not a lot of flavor

High: ok, mellow..

THC 0.76% THCA 0.83% CBD 1.26% CBDA 23.20% CBG 0% CBN 0% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo) 

Thunderstruck  - (CBD) – 2.8/5 

Aroma: Open: minimal, some floral note is there, citrus  Broken: it has a nice citrus, sweet lemon aroma..

Texture: Actually pretty good, SCCS is getting better.

Appearance: Looks good, some crystals, small to mid sized calyxes, has a bit of a horned sativa look.

Smoke/Taste: pretty smooth, floral. 

High: Nice, uplifting.

THC 0.49% THCA 7.1% CBD 0.46% CBDA 12.17% CBG 1.63% CBN 0.4% CBC 0%

Had a Terpenes analysis as well (see photo) 

Z7 - 2/5 

Aroma: faint pepper Open: Broken: funk, not the best type of funk either

Texture: dry, semi dense

Appearance: mid green, orange hairs, some sparse yellow leaves

Smoke/Taste: buds crackle a bit when smoked, relatively smooth, low flavor

High: a bit foggy, ok

THC 0.79% THCA 8.74% CBD 1.23% & CBDA 12.41%