Bubble hash (Hurkle) - H - 3.5/5 

Aroma: light kind of old ground pepper aroma..
Texture: gritty
Appearance: small granular bits, like lots of large tan breadcrumbs with more density..
Smoke/Taste: bubbles nicely, not full melt but still very good, dried well so the bubble is defiantly nice melting heads and not residual water from separation..
High: Great, very quick & with a good strong yet soft onset (odd right?)

Budder (Mixed) - 2.6/5 

Aroma: soft pine, a bit of mango, coconut
Texture: like a slightly dried out pocket warmed caramel..
Appearance: deep reddish-tan, nearing an amber. Has some translucence but its nearly opaque
Smoke/Taste: Clean flavor at first, but the finish is a bit harsh.. The tropical fruit note starts, but it ends with a sunburn..
High: Relaxing, creative, thoughtful, happy. Redemptive after the harsh finish, helped score.

THC 7.29% THCA 71.56% CBD 0.82%


Nerolidol 20

B-Caryophyllene 2
Guaiol 2

Peppermint Kush CO2 Oil - 3.5/5 

Aroma: N/A
Texture: thick
Appearance: very clear deep amber
Smoke/Taste: Nice, smooth, good balance of THC & CBD
High: nice high, can be eaten, dabbed, put on bowl..