24K Gold (Budder) - I - 3.95/5 

Aroma: a nice sharp funk.. Initially almost cheddar like but with further aromatic analysis, getting a pine sap note, and an orange peel bitter hint.
Texture: soft, slices easy, like a slightly more resistant, slightly dried out butter.
Appearance: glistening with crystals, a deep tan-orange, opaque
Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, a sweet flavor profile, sugar like & pleasant
High: This strain is a cross of Kosher Kush and Tangie. Nice, feeling mellow.. Good relaxer dabber.

THC 5.96% THCA 77.99% CBD 0.31% CBDA 0.47%

Alien Orange Berry (Pull & Snap) (Craft Zero) 3.9/5 

Aroma: has a pleasant pine cleaner aroma..
Texture: a bit more sticky then previous pull and snaps..
Appearance: transparent, glossy, golden, honey hued.. 

Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, some pine, citurs, bit of mothball, nice... smooth. Has that 

sweet out breath, leaves a pleasant experience... inceased score after a 2nd dab.
High: Quick on-set, bit foggy... chill. Creative..
THC 3.69% THCA 81.5% THCV 0.22% CBD 0.3% CBDA 0.28% CBN 0.95% CBC 1.7% CBG 0% 

Alien Orange Candy #108 (Live Resin)- I - 3.5/5 

Aroma: nice bit of mothball funkiness..
Texture: like a thick butter with a bit of fine grit..
Appearance: a bit of a gloss to it, slightly translucent. Deep gold
Smoke/Taste: Nice, hits clean, finishes smooth, very enjoyable. The flavor profile is similar to the aroma, with the clementine finding its way prominently through and a pleasant sweetness too.
High: Nice, engaging.. Makes things interesting and thought provoking. The strain is a cross of Alien Rock Candy and Clementine (hence the “Orange”), so the name is quite appropriate with the candy like sweetness and the citrus in a nicely balanced combination. 

THC 1.83% THCA 85.5% CBD 0.4% CBDA 0.24%

Alien Rock Candy (Budder) - I - 3.5/5 

Aroma: pretty clean, lightly floral
Texture: like a slightly dried out ear wax.
Appearance: golden orange, nearly opaque.
Smoke/Taste: nice flavor, it has a candy sweetness with a smooth finish.
High: The strain is a mix of Alien Sour Dubble x Tahoe Alien. The high is thoughtful, creative, relaxing. It’s an overall good time.

THC 2.54% THCA 84.02% CBD 0.3% CBDA 0.2%

Bear Dance (Dragon Tears) - S. Dom. H. - 2.9/5 

Aroma: tough to get a real concept of the aroma due to the packaging, its a contained twist plunger situation, put some on a dab tool and it had a nice dust note.. hint of citrus..
Texture: flows but beads up fine on a flat surface..
Appearance: transparent, a light golden hue..
Smoke/Taste: has a big flavor profile, a nice dust note, took a big hit and could have been a bit lower temp..
High: Relaxing, a bit stupefying in a good way.

THC 78% THCA 0% THCV 0% CBD 0.26% CBDA 0.84% CBN 0.44% CBC 1.66% CBG 0%

Bear Dance (Sugar, Live Resin) - 3.8/5 - H 

Aroma: Opening container- bright fruit, pineapple, some dustiness
Handling- more citrus, pine
Texture: like a slightly damp sugar cube
Appearance: bright gold / light yellow, simmering like a diamond with crystal heads, very nice
Smoke/Taste: clean, nice, pretty smooth, bit of a bite in the end..
High: THC 3.69% THCA 0.34% THCV 78.93% CBN 4.58% CBD 0.39% & CBDA 1.01

Bermuda Triangle OG (Budder) - I - 3.2/5 

Aroma: a light fruit note, bit of pine, slight hint of rosemary.
Texture: like a slightly tough butter, pushed back a touch instead of just giving way to a dab tool.
Appearance: has a shine to it.. just barely translucent, nearly opaque. A light golden color.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, some of the pleasant aromatic profile transfers to the flavor profile, so that’s (mostly) always a plus, as this had a pleasant aroma.
High: Good, thoughtful, not cloudy. Relaxing. Cross of Ghost OG & Triangle Kush

THC 2.08% THCA 84.65% CBD 0.2% CBDA 0.36%

Bermuda Triangle OG (Honey Crystals) - I - 3/5 

Aroma: a wonderful soft herbal aroma with a basil front, followed by a nice dusty backing. Beautiful.
Texture: like dried out honey, crystalized…

Appearance: light golden, nearly clear in areas. Chunk crystal structure, breaks apart into smaller ratios of about 3 bits from every 1 chunk. Trust me, when you break it apart for a dab, you will be like “ok, that’s the 3 bits from every 1 chunk situation..”!
Smoke/Taste: full flavored and almost savory, like tomato soup! A bit more fruit in the out breath. Made me sneeze. 2nd hit?.. Wow, the tomato situation was not an anomaly. It actually does have a tomato juice note and I have had no tomatoes. Interesting.
High: Background is Ghost OG x Triangle Kush, has a fun yet sedative effect.

THC 1.27% THCA 87.09% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Cherry Hash Plant Pull & Snap (Nug Run) - 3.3/5 - H 

Aroma: Opening container-pine, cleaner, fruit
Handling- some mothball
Texture: like a laffy taffy that breaks clean when pulled fast..
Appearance: transparent, amber
Smoke/Taste: very nice, a dustiness, fruit, cherry...
High: THC 2.73% THCA 85.5% THCV 1.31% CBD 0.13% & CBDA 0%

Cherry Hash Plant (Virgin Rosin - Budder) - I - 3.8/5 

Aroma: some pine, a bit woodsy, forest, a hint of an herbal melody.
Texture: Smooth uniform consistency, slowly flows over time when jar is put on side, but takes a long time.
Appearance: a mid tan.. Glossy, translucent but nearly opaque. Flat, uniformly distributed on bottom of container.
Smoke/Taste: smooth hitting, the forrest flavors are there in a pleasant way.
High: Good and High over here.. clocking, very relaxing to the point of sleepiness. Good end of the night dab. Strain is a cross of Afghani x ’88 G13 Hash Plant. THC 8.1% THCA 76% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.33%

Cherry Lime Haze Moroccan Melt (Elements Natural Extracts line) – 3.9/5 - S dom. 

Aroma: Opening container- chocolate like..
Handling- like a taffy
Texture: like a slightly sticky silly-puddy that breaks like play-doh, easy to work with..
Appearance: mid to dark brown, glossy
Smoke/Taste: smooth, classic Compassion Club “Tim’s Bubblehash” taste (but less melt)..
High: Nice, contemplative, thoughtful, peaceful yet motivated..
THC 21.1% THCA 46.86% THCV 0.8% CBN 0.17% CBG 0.2% CBC 0.39% CBD 0.18% & CBDA 0%

Florida Orange (Budder) - I - 3.8/5 

Aroma: a sharp citrus note, tangerine.. and a touch of mothball
Texture: like a stiff butter
Appearance: pale gold, opaque, a bit of a sparkle occasionally.
Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, the mothball and tangerine come through nicely.
High: Thoghtful, creative, relaxing. Cross of Key Lime Surprise & Clementine.

THC 1.46% THCA 79.14% CBD 0.33% CBDA 0.31%

Florida Orange Pull & Snap (Nug Run) - 4/5 - H   

Aroma: sweet, sugar, bit of very light pine, citrus..
Texture: like a slightly dried out gritty gel, groups together well, so handling is not a problem.
Appearance: deep orange, golden, opaque..
Smoke/Taste: smooth, clean, very nice..
High: joyful, laffy, elevated mood.. a bit of energy..
THC 5.92% THCA 79% THCV 1.02% CBN 2.39% CBC 0.16% CBG 0.12% CBD 0.22% & CBDA 0.71%

G13 Sugar Slab (Live Resin) - 4.5­­/5 - !!!!! 

Aroma: Opening container- pine, sweet basil, just wonderful....a lavender essential oil note.
Handling- like gritty sand held together by a dry gel
Texture: hard sand
Appearance: golden patches on a deep orange core.
Smoke/Taste: WOW, did I even take a hit?? Ya, well ya. So high, so nice, so clean, like floating on a cloud, breathing in the lightest, highest air... so so so so clear.
High: Just so high, feel like I'm on the concord... pushed back into my seat... soooooooooooooooooooo nice. THC 1.38% THCA 83.37% THCV 0.56% CBN 0.55% CBD 0.38% CBN 0.55% CBG 0.12% & CBDA 0.26%

Gorilla Glue #4 (Live Resin) - S - 3.9/5 

Aroma: a sharpness, some kiwi
Texture: clumpy, held together by a gooey light tan substrate.
Appearance: light golden translucent, chunky, giving the appearance of clear chunks in a tan sauce.
Smoke/Taste: hits clean and exhales smooth. A soft fruit note arrives lightly in the flavor profile, the kiwi is there. Very pleasant overall.
High: Chem Sister x Sour Dubb/Chocolate Diesel 

THC 2.92% THCA 85.42% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Gorilla Punch (Budder)- H - 4.2/5 

Aroma: citrus with a clean light funk
Texture: a classic budder, a thick but orange butter, yet more solid
Appearance: opaque, a light-to-mid gold, a fine shine to it but not glossy.
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, very smooth, the out breath is like that after a nice handful of buttered popcorn. There is a nice Unami note, reminiscent of the Jug. Diesel.
High: Nicely creative, thoughtful yet directional, not just wondering the thought road a la Jack, but focused.

THC 0.98% THCA 87.07% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.17%

Honah (Nug Run Shatter) - S. Dom.(60/40) H
(note: sativa/indica ratio is taken from the Rev. Honah container) - 4.5/5  

Aroma: touch of dust, fruit..
Texture: can be bent a bit, then it breaks (shatters) when quickly maneuvered..
Appearance: like amber
Smoke/Taste: smooth smoke, has a nice complex spicy fruit taste.. Did another a while later & it tastes so good compared to other hash samples I have tried, yet still wonderfully light & smooth..
High: Great, very at peace.. Did another a while later & it had a great motivating high, so high & it made me want to type.. THC 2.05% THCA 79.5% THCV 0.62% CBD 3.5% CBDA 0.61% CBG 0.17%, CBN 1.95% CBC 0%

Jugrnaut Diesel (Virgin Rosin - Budder) - I - 3.95/5 

Aroma: bit of mothball, bit of lime, vegetal…
Texture: like a whipped honey
Appearance: opaque, a bit tan-green (bit of plant material in there maybe?), has a gloss to it.
Smoke/Taste: a bit floral in the taste with a nice almost caramel flavor note that’s quite pleasant, raised score as a result….
High: Ok, mellow.. Relaxing.

THC 4.21% THCA 81.3% CBD 0.32% CBDA 0.18%

Lavender Kush Clear Native Cannabis Terpenes - 3.8/5 

Aroma: a fresh breeze with flowers..
Texture: thin, slow moving in a way
Appearance: clear liquid
Smoke/Taste: Very clean, a nice herbal note, a floral note in there..
High: Creative, relaxing.. THC 0.001% THCA 0% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

One downside was the amount. The net weight of 0.21g is basically just enough to coat the container. Otherwise it could have had a higher score.


Out of 20, the top 5 are:




Lavender Kush (Nug Run) Shatter - 4.2/5 

Aroma: bit of soft pine, paint maybe, almost like an eraser..
Texture: gooey to a point then brakes, like a "pull and snap" (but pulls thin when done slower), has more moisture then most shatters. like a thin well set caramel. bit of liquid like areas as well..
Appearance: transparent, light tan when thin and a deeper brown when more dense
Smoke/Taste: nice taste, clean hitting, a lavender note
High: Nice, a bit uplifting & relaxing at the same time (odd right?)...
THC 2.24% THCA 82.9% THCV 0.99% CBN 0.34% CBC 0% CBG 0% CBD 0.26% & CBDA 0%

Louis XIII (Virgin Rosin - Budder) - I - 3.9/5  

Aroma: piney, a bit of sweet fruit, mango
Texture: a smooth uniform consistency, if you wipe some off on the top of the container, over time flows down the side of the glass unit it comes in.
Appearance: glossy, opaque, tan with a bit of a green hue.
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth, nice flavor profile of fruit and a bit of a sugar note., bit rough in the finish, better in smaller doses due to the big flavor profile.
High: very nice.. Lineage:  OG Kush X LA Confidential

THC 6.03% THCA 78.5% CBD 0.31% CBDA 0%

Revolution Kush 2 shatter - 3.8/5 

Aroma: light, apple note
Texture: brittle, classic shatter
Appearance: light amber, like butterscotch (but brittle)
Smoke/Taste: very smooth, clean hashy taste, hint of something I can't place. Very nice high.. already feel it in a big way... big high. super mellow veg mode now... note: about 20 minutes after the hit I was falling asleep in my chair in the kitchen. Great for bedtime.
High: THC 2.3% THCA 87.62% CBD 0.17% CBDA 0.27% CBG 0.15%, CBN 0% CBC 0%

Sour Joker Moroccan Melt (Elements Natural Extracts line) – 4/5 - S dom. (S70%/I30%)

Aroma: Opening container- like play-doh
Handling- a bit sticky but can be dealt with..
Texture: like room temp caramel but much less stringy..
Appearance: deep amber tobrown, sparkles with gland heads..
Smoke/Taste: very nice, clean as a ghost.. barley noticed it was there but what was there was nice, a bit of a pleasant dusty note..
High: Great, motivated, Fun.. look up there ^^^ creative too.
THC 8.25% THCA 61.09% THCV 0.27% CBN 0.86% CBG 0.1% CBC 0.12% CBD 0.12% & CBDA 0.21%

Sour Joker Pull & Snap (Nug Run) Shatter - 3.8/5 - S dom 

Aroma: nice, some slight citrus
Texture: a bit solid for a pull and snap but it is winter & the temp has an effect on texture.
Appearance: tan orange, transparent, lumpy
Smoke/Taste: clean, smooth, some light fruit, a touch of skittles..
High: Nice, feeling focused but a bit foggy.. THC 3.39% THCA 80.3% THCV 0.28% CBN 2% CBC 0% CBD 0.2% & CBDA 0.34%