Review of Progressive Treatment Solutions Flower


707 Headband 1.75/5

Aroma: Light, floral piney, hint of mothball? Has to be broken to smell much of anything.

Texture: A bit moist, spongy, a little hard to brake up.

Appearance: Light green, midway between loose & tight buds.

Smoke/Taste: Ok, touch of a bite at the very end of the exhale, not much flavor.

1024 - 3.25/5

Aroma: Apples + citrus, flowers , 

Taste: Nice, smooth, slight skunk note, a good funkiness , 

Good appearance, trimmed well

Other notes: not harsh like some others, mellow 

high: fast felt...

1024 (2nd detailed review) - 2.5/5 

Aroma: Open: nice sweetness with a dust note, clean floral note.

Broken: big fruit snack note

Texture: dense & dry

Appearance: light green, small calyxes, crystals, withered orange hairs

Smoke/Taste: smooth, but not big on flavor, possibly from a quick dry. I thought there would be some harshness but it was ok.

High: CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBN 0% THC 0.34% THCA 20.33%

Banana Kush - 3/5 

Aroma: Opening container- a banana note (suprising), some grass

Broken buds- fruit

Texture: ok, mid way between good and getting too dry but its been a while since getting it.

Appearance: light to mid green, good crystals, withered amber hairs, mid sized calyxes.

Smoke/Taste: smooth, bit tropical

High: good, mellowing

THC 0.65% THCA 23.11% CBN 0% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.13%

Blueberry x Mazar – 3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container-hint of dust, some fruit, pineapple, a bright & sweet herb note.. 

Broken buds- big fruit melody note..
Texture: great, balanced..
Appearance: light to mid green, orange hairs, small calyxes
Smoke/Taste: smooth smoke is clean hitting.. some fruit punch comes through..
High: Relaxing.. bit on the sleepy side. Ready for a nap about 20 minutes after smoking, so could be good for an early bedtime smoke. Stayed awake and then got very hungry, eventually munching on carrots with carrot hummus... so good, and so good for my eyes too..
THC 0.52% THCA 23.65% CBD 0.12% & CBDA <0.10% CBN 0.24%

Brazil Amazonia - 2.6/5 

Aroma: Opening container- sweet, flour...

Broken buds- floral

Texture: good, nice balance

Appearance: bit of a rainbow look, orange hairs, purple hues, bulky calyxes..

Smoke/Taste: ok, smooth, floral

High: THC 1.76% THCA 21.33% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.70%

Cherry Stomper - 2.5/5

Aroma: 1st whiff: light fruitiness Broken bud: floral with a skunky citrus funk background..

Texture: breaks up well, squishy

Appearance: Light green with orange hairs, crystals & some darker green leaves..

Smoke/Taste: Ok taste, relatively smooth, not much there for flavor.

High: Nice up high THCA 15% NO CBDA

Champion City Chocolate - 2.5/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container-light grass note.. a hint of mothball
Broken buds- there’s a sweetness, brown sugar note.
Texture: a bit on the dry side
Appearance: buds are on the darker green side, olive green.. chunky calyxes, orange hairs..
Smoke/Taste: a muted flavor profile.. at least its not harsh.
High: Thouhtful, relaxing.

THC 0.40% THCA 26.60% CBN 0.16% CBD 0.16% CBDA 0.11%

Chi Haze - 4/5 

Original older review: Very good! Big aroma and nice taste too..

Chi Haze - 2.75/5 Detailed review: 

Aroma:  Open: Grassy note, relatively light aroma, hint of mothball Broken:  mild mothball aroma, some berry, all aroma is pretty light..

Appearance:  one bud was smaller & light green, the other with some purple hues  in places.. crystals are visible, medium sized calyxes, semi withered  orange hairs.. 

Texture: nice dryness, breaks up well. slightly dense buds.

Smoke/Taste:  Smoke is smooth, mild taste, mothball comes through with the slightest  hint of berry in the finish. clear high, not foggy at all.

High: THC: 0.44% THCA: 17.94% no CBD, CBDA or CBN

Citral #13 x Ice #2 – 2.75/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- soft sage, herbal notes, a bread note, a hint of a type of sour aroma..
Broken buds- a bit hoppy, smooth citrus, could benefit from a longer cure.. (note: a few weeks after initially writing the “longer cure” comment, it now has a more pronounce hop and citrus aroma, much nicer. No score change though, since it should have been like this when first sold to the public)
Texture: soft buds break up relatively well.
Appearance: Light green buds, orange hairs, mid-sized calyxes very small heads, a bit hard to see (may be a but rushed to market, even higher score potentially).
Smoke/Taste: smooth, light grassy & hop notes, hits pretty clean, light on flavor.
High: Nice, motivated, relaxed as well. A good example of a hybrid.
THC 0.15% THCA 20.05% CBD 0.10% CBDA <0.10% & CBN 0.19% 

Terpene Profile: Limonene, Linalool, Elemene

Columbian Gold - 2.2/5

Aroma:  1st whiff: Very nice, like a spring wind through an orange grove with  pineapples planted as well, mango, touch of mothball, grapefruit, great.  .. Broken bud: floral, a funky, skunk linger note.. not huge, but very  nice.

Texture: dry

Appearance:  pointed, rainbow buds (light green to dark green, hairs ranging from  yellow to reddish), classic sativa, but a bit denser.. 

Smoke/Taste: on the harsh side, citrus comes through.. feels good though.

High: THC 1.28% THCA 23.85% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 1.95%

Cronuts #4 - 3/5 Had one time before but no review..

Aroma: Open: Touch of mothball, light pineapple, tropical fruit 

Broken Buds: a light funk, mint, more mothball but pleasant. 

Texture: mix of loose yet with a compactness, density. spongy buds, a bit hard to break up

Appearance: light green, lots of crystals, (helped score) middle large calyxes, withered orange hairs..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, ok taste but an odd note, the mothball I guess... 

High: Light, mellow... THC 0.28% THCA 16.43% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 0%

Double OG Tangerine- 3/5 

Amazing citrus skunk aroma, Ok taste, smooth

GG#4 (2019 review, clear plastic container) – H - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Opening container- floral
Broken buds- nice flower bouquet.. some good funk.
Texture: ok but on the dry side.. New containers? PTS was always pretty good, but the 1st to samples I have tried in the new containers have been on the dry side of things, which potentially makes for a harsher smoke.
Appearance: Green buds have a bit of a standard look, nothing jumps out.
Smoke/Taste: a bit of the floral aroma arrives in the flavor profile. Mostly smooth, hint of roughness in the finish but very minimal.
High: Good, thoughtful, creative.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.392% THCA 30.865%!

GG4 - 2.9/5 - H 

Aroma: Opening container- fuel, fruit, dust, tape

Broken buds-big funk and fruit note, touch of mothball, very nice.

Texture: nice, well balanced, a welcome break from other over dried buds during winter.

Appearance: withered hairs, mid to large calyxes, light green, crystals..

Smoke/Taste: nice but a bit rough on the exhale, fruity/herbal

High: nice, chill, bit of heaviness.. 

THC 1.15% THCA 28.04% CBN 0% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.81%

GSC- 3.9/5 

Aroma: Opening container- bread, sugar, fresh breeze

Broken buds- sweet, a grape yummyness..

Texture: perfect! great balanced buds

Appearance: light green, big calyxes, crystals, mid-withered orange hairs, another bud has a bit of a purple note..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, nice, clean, a candy note (bit more and its a solid 4, maybe higher)

High: Good, clear, ready to rock..

THC 0.97% THCA 24.81% CBN 0% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.97%

Ghost x Flo - 4/5 ! 

Awesome! Great flavor + high

Ghost x Flo (2nd review Oct. 3rd, 2016) - 4.20/5!

Aroma:  1st whiff: Big fruity aroma with purple notes, some funk, pine,  sweetness.. exciting as it had a high standard to live up to, but seems  to be doing it so far.. Broken bud: Big purple yummy awesome! a sweet  hashy note, hint of citrus, dusty, some black licorice...

Texture: Great moist yet breaks perfect. semi compact yet not dense

Appearance: Light green, no purple, crystals, medium calyxes, withered orange hairs..

Smoke/Taste:  That awesome dusty, sandalwood taste!!! relatively smooth with so much  flavor, a purple note, some skunk... Awesome.

High: THCA 15.43% CBDA 0.09% THC 0.72% CBD 0.13% CBN 0%

Wonderful high! light yet big & on a side note, it filled the room with an awesome heady aroma... Wonderful...

Ghost OG x Blue Dream - 3/5

Aroma: 1st whiff: some sweetness, not a huge aroma Broken bud: floral, sweet cake like...

Texture: dense buds but they break up ok.., yet they are a bit tight..

Appearance: Light green, few orange hairs, crystals, medium large calyxes..

Smoke/Taste: smooth but not very flavorful... accidentally hit it in a bong with no water but it was still ok..

High:  Nice, mellow & light THC 2.99% THCA 19% CBD 0.17% CBN 0.14% &  CBDA 1.48% Another batch had a very similar profile, with these #’s: THC  0.56% THCA 22.79% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 0.81%

Gobbstopper-  2.95/5

Aroma: can smell from outside of the container, some skunk  coming through, some funk when opened Broken: mix of fuel & fruit,  bourbon, anise..

Texture: breaks up well, nice balance of moisture. dense.

Appearance: Crystals, light green with orange hairs & some dark green leaves, large calyxes, chunky bud.

Smoke/Taste: nice flavor, a bit light, fruit notes, touch of the bourbon note.

High: pretty good, mellow, not foggy

Gobstoppers - (2nd review 4/20/17) 2.8/5  

Aroma: Open- nice purple note 

Broken- Great grape, anise aroma, not huge but there..

Smoke/Taste: mostly smooth, nice flavor in the exhale from the nosed... pretty nice but not huge on flavor, good though..

Texture: nice, brakes up well, good balance.

Appearance: One big nug... crystals, stacked calyxes light green w purplish hues. orange hairs

High: nice, chillers THC 0.74% THCA 18.03% CBD 0% CBN 0.17% & CBDA 0.68%

Gorilla  Glue - 4/5

Aroma: some dustiness.., sweet, fruit note Broken: a  sweetness, some sandalwood, very lovely, some brown sugar oatmeal note,  with a citrus brightness, some anise too.

Texture: breaks up great, sticky fingers from all the crystals, perfect balance of moisture.

Appearance: many crystals! light green, mid sized calyxes, very withered small hairs 

Smoke/Taste:  full nice taste with a smooth smoke, very rare combination.. the anise  and some sandalwood come through nicely, great.

High: Quick, nice, a creative high, makes writing easy..

THC 1.19% THCA 20.10% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.63%

Had again (May 2017) & it was still nice, 3.8/5

Harlequin  - 3/5 

Ok, not much flavor but nice CBD for nighttime "no rush/worry  mind", smooth smoke, not harsh THC 0.21% THCA 5.5% CBD 0% CBN 0.28%  & CBDA 11.57%

Island  Sweet Skunk - 3.5/5

Aroma: floral sweetness, hint of sandalwood, crisp  apple note, hint of dust/funk... Broken: big fruit note, melon,  pineapple. big bop of perfume like flowers, very nice.

Texture: Breaks up great, semi dense but easy to work with, great balance of moisture & dry/cure..

Appearance:  1 large nug with horns, mid to large calyxes, crystals visible even in  low light, light green with light orange large hairs.

Smoke/Taste: nice grape taste, fruity, full yet smooth smoke, some anise in the back/finish..

High: good, smooth, not heavy.

THC 0.72% THCA 17.84% CBD 0.57% & CBDA 0%

LA Sunshine – 2.3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container-light dust..
Broken buds- skunky citrus
Texture: on the dry side
Appearance: mid to bright green, orange hairs, some purple zones.. a muted rainbow look..
Smoke/Taste: clean & smooth, not much in the flavor profile, bit of spice..
High: Good, mellow..
THC 0.66% THCA 16.79% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 

Las Vegas Purple Kush - 2.4/5  

Aroma: Opening container- light cocoanut aroma, a faint grape sweetness.., 

Broken buds- ok, light fruit..

Texture: bit dry

Appearance: purple buds, orange hairs..

Smoke/Taste: ok, bit of a funk to it..

High: Relaxing, a bit sedative.. THC 0.67% THCA 16.03% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 0%

Pineapple - 2/5

Lackluster taste & slightly harsh

THC 0.12% THCA 14.64% CBD 0.09% & CBDA 0.50%

Pineapple 2017 detailed review- H - 2.3/5 

Aroma: Open: Grassy, some funk... Broken: fruit, some skunk, nice.. 

Texture: Breaks up well, nice balance

Appearance: light green

Smoke/Taste: some up front harshness gives way to a sweet & nicely funky middle, turning back to a semi-dry throat finish..

High: THC % THCA % CBD % & CBDA %

Platinum Huckleberry Cookies - 2.8/5 - 

Aroma: Opening container- sweet plants, light grass note.

Broken buds- floral

Texture: bit tight, not really dry but not moist either..

Appearance: rainbow look with light green buds, orrange & yellow hairs and some purple.. crystals..

Smoke/Taste: ok, some sweet and a hint of spice..

High: THC 1.13% THCA 23.2% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.13%

Purple Thai (2019 review, clear plastic container) - 3.9/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- Beautiful classic Purple Thai aroma of fruit, grapes & a wonderful duty note.
Broken buds- nice fruit note..
Texture: a bit on the dry side, 1st time trying in the new clear plastic containers, may have effected moisture level..
Appearance: bit of a rainbow look with orange hairs and levels of green the vary from light to dark green.
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, exhales smooth, nice fruit and candy note .
High: Relaxing, mellow mood yet still ready to do and doing (was needs to be done)..
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.95% THCA 19.69%

Purple Thai - 4.35/5 !!

Aroma:  Great big purple, sandalwood, pine, grape candy, purple Gatorade  Broken: more of the same but with a bigger candy sweetness

Texture: perfect cure & dryness level

Appearance: small sativa crystals, light green buds with small orange hairs

Smoke/taste: smooth, purple taste, great sweet after note, touch of anise in the finish

High:  Great, big high with a sativa motivation. Thoughtful, fun. THC 0.91%  THCA 16.56% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.10% ... another batch had these #'s: THC  0.55% THCA 18.09% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% CBN 0.10%, still awesome

Red Diesel - 2/5

Aroma: opening canister gives a light cut grass aroma, minimal, broken buds give a green leaf smell

Texture: good, not overly moist or dry...

Appearance:  large sometimes purple calyxes with red hairs, a bit leafy but all  sugar leaves, plenty of crystals, light green medium sized buds

Smoke/Taste: made a little noise when lit, like some residual moisture was lingering, so possibly a bit under dry..

High: mellow, clean, clear

Sour Kush - 3/5

Aroma: First whiff is citrus & light pine, broken buds are floral but overall, aroma is relatively minimal

Texture: sticky, a bit moist, on the edge of not breaking up well, but it actually does break up ok..

Appearance: light green, nice manicure, small sativa type horn on top of bud, crystals 

Smoke/Taste: Smooth, fruity like apples & citrus & some banana

High: nice, cerebral, motivating THC 1.28% THCA 19.02% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 0%

Starry Night 3.75/5 

appearance: Bright to middle green, crystals apparent, fuzzy

Aroma:  Fruits, berry, purple drink (even though its not purple), broken bud  aroma is anise, sweet black liquorish. Smoke/taste is very smooth with  the anise flavor coming through. High is good.

Tangerine Haze 2.5/5 (higher if smoke was smoother) 

Aroma: Great big aroma, sweet apple note. Citrus, orange peel, some pine, cleaner like almost.

Texture: Nice mix of moist yet stems that brake, dried well.

Appearance: Horns, classic sativa look.

Smoke/Taste: Ok, citrus, not harsh but not specifically smooth either.

High: Light, daytime goodness, clear

Tangerine Dream - 2.6/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- Grass, a floral note.
Broken buds-broken buds have a citrus aroma profile, with an increased grass aroma
Texture: on the dry side.. But it was an older sample (somehow it kept hiding at the bottom of the review pile..), so given the time line, it was likely at a nice balanced moisture level.
Appearance: Light green buds have orange pistils, chunky with a midlevel density, calyxes are on the smaller side.
Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, not much on the flavor profile, some light citrus comes through.
High: Relaxing onset, has a good clarity to it.

THC 0% THCA 19.48% CBD 0% CBDA 1.11% CBN 0%


Top 3 Terpenes are:



Wild Thai - 4/5!

Aroma: 1st whiff: some fruit, not a huge aroma Broken bud: great floral aroma

Texture: skinny buds, a bit dry

Appearance: Light green, orange hairs, crystals, small calyxes..

Smoke/Taste:  very flavorful... Great dustiness, mango, kiwi seed tartness,  wonderful, but the dryness creates a hint of harsh in the finish. also,  makes a crackle when lit. could be a 4.5/5 without those 2 problem..

High: Nice, mellow & light THC 1.48% THCA 24.82% CBD 0% CBN 0% & CBDA 2.07%

Wild Thailand - 1.9/5 

Aroma: Opening container- Great light dusty aroma with some funk, and a almost grape gatorade note..

Broken buds- big piney with citrus & flowers..

Texture: bit on the dry side..

Appearance:  Beautiful buds, long orange hairs, fully developed crystals, horns  indicating a sativa dominance, small calyxes, light to mid green overall  look

Smoke/Taste: crackled a bit, needs  flushed.. but the bit of dust comes through.. might have had a small  seed in there, tasted like it & the bowl lingered smoke from the top  a bit too long after finishing the hit.

High: quick onset, bit on the foggy side.

THC 1.17% THCA 26.20% CBN 0% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.35%

NOTE: score went from 2.7 to 1.9 after 2 inch long hairs found in the last 2 buds...