PTS Concentrates Reviews


707 Headband shatter - 3.5/5 

Aroma: little, hard to assess.. light honey note..
Texture: like a tight but transparent caramel, stretched quite a bit before ever breaking, not a traditional shatter.
Appearance: transparent caramel, bit on the dark side of tan..
Smoke/Taste: has a bit of a pine note, a light hop flavor, nice, relatively smooth as well
High: Very nice THC 6.01% THCA 76.86% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.61% & CBN 1.99%

707 Headband wax - 3.8/5 

Aroma: bit of mothball
Texture: like slightly dry & light ear wax
Appearance: golden orange with a slightly dried out whiteness
Smoke/Taste: smooth, citrus, nice... light hashiness.. but it made my nose tickle, but I did take a big ol hit..
High: Pretty chill.., smart, remembered to take off dome less nail before it got cold and solid (making a water change difficult), way to go me!
THC 7.94% THCA 72.0% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0.18% & CBN 0.67%

#1024 - S - 2.3/5 

Aroma: faint floral note
Texture: airy, fluffy crystals clumped lightly together
Appearance: light gold, shiny, shimmering crystals..
Smoke/Taste: Pretty clean up front, a nice breeze note, but a bit rough in the finish..
High: Good, thoughtful… 

THC 0.89% THCA 84.50% CBD 0.17% CBDA 0%

#1024 (crumble wax) - S - 3.3/5 

Aroma: a light fruit note, floral..
Texture: like a crushed up candle in many little pieces..
Appearance: Tan, opaque
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, smooth, bit of fruit in the flavor profile..
High: Nice, relaxing but not sleepy..

THC 1.41% THCA 80.78% CBD 0.93% CBDA 0%

#1024 (Sauce Live Resin) - S - 3.87/5 

Aroma: A light sweet & sour aroma..
Texture: A gritty with crystals, solid gel.
Appearance: has a translucence, a golden sparkling nugget of wonderment. Rounded off, like its rolled around a bit. Lighter gold where thinner, deeper where denser.
Smoke/Taste: smooth, some nice tropical fruit notes, a cool breeze, but there was a nose tickle in the finish.
High: Cloaking, mellow.. Yet not sleepy. Pretty nice overall experience. 

THC 2.56% THCA 85.66% CBD 0.43% CBDA 0%

#1024 Sugar Live Resin –S– 4.5/5 

Aroma: berry every where,berry in the air….
Texture: like crystals that can be pushed around..
Appearance: a geode with 30 facets…
Smoke/Taste: wonderful, clen, smooth. Just so high… but cleaning up loose ends son!!!!!!!!!! Mega functional supreme!!!!!!!
High: THC 1.50% THCA 79.96% CBD 0.26% CBDA <0.10% CBN: <0.10

#1024 Sugar Live Resin (2nd review) - S - 4/5 

Aroma: a light pine note.
Texture: beaks up easy, not sticky (when kept cold, as this was)
Appearance: light gold, shiny with crystals, in-between translucent and opaque similar to other live resins.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, nice and smooth, some light pine..
High: Nice, upright, feeling the vibe right off the bat, made me actually dance in my seat a bit!

THC 0.89% THCA 84.50% CBD 0.17% CBDA 0%

Banana Kush (wax) - H - 3/5 

Aroma: light citrus, bit of basil.. a touch of a sweet aroma. Bit of dust..
Texture: like a dried out flattened, slightly brittle candle yay melted, cooled and then was broken up.
Appearance: several golden-tan, large flat triangular pieces
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, a bit of fruit in the flavor profile.. Touch of a bite in the finish
High: Nice, creative, relaxing, thoughtful, good for reviews. 

THC 1.53% THCA 81.96% CBD 0.47% CBDA 0.14%

Bruce Banner 1.0 (shatter) - S - 4.6/5 !!!

Aroma: a light sweetness, soft yet a hint of dust..
Texture: pulls a bit before breaking, a bit more malleable than most shatters.
Appearance: like tan stained glass.., a gloss to it.
Smoke/Taste: smooth with a great flavor, a clean tropical breeze, beautiful.. its like breathing in the winds through a grove of organically grown mangos..
High: Great, thoughtful, creative, happy.. Yes! I have found something wonderful finally. This is why I write reviews.

THC 1.04% THCA 83.0% CBD 0.23% CBDA 0%

Columbian Gold (HTE) - S - 4.30/5 

Aroma: tropical fruits, a pleasant dust.. Very nice.
Texture: like a thick maple syrup, benefits from cold storage (for flavor preservation as well as handling ease).
Appearance: Golden translucent, has an oil slick sheen quality to the top layer that breaks up a bit but it can only be seen in a lights reflection.
Smoke/Taste: huge flavor.. beautiful. Like breathing in all the essence of a fruit filled forrest. Its truly wonderful. Dab temps can be lower then usual with the syrup like nature of the concentrate & the incredibly high level of flavor is not to be torched away.. take small hits, too much and the flavor takes on a BBQ, almost teriyaki profile that is on the over the top side, best in small amounts like any ultra potent flavors.
High: Wow.. It’s amazing, otherworldly... feeling so relaxed even though it’s a Sativa, I could hit the sack soon. Super chill side.

THC 3.44% THCA 53.90% CBD 0.43% CBDA 0%

Columbian Gold (Shatter)- S - 4.20/5 

Aroma: a wonderful fresh breeze, pine & a pleasant dust note
Texture: slowly pulls, then breaks apart in a glass like way..
Appearance: transparent, light tan-amber, glossy
Smoke/Taste: Great, reminiscent of the Revolution Jugrnaut Diesel that had that wonderful fresh breech, outdoors, earthy greatness. Very pleasant and smooth to boot.
High: The most productive high EVER! Seriously.. Took 2 hits in the morning and I have nonstop been checking items off the long term list (the always ignored, never motivated enough to do list, like mail-in-rebates type shit, actually did the one that’s been on my desk for a month..). Its kind of amazing.. Im a big fan because basically taking a dab of this equals a productive day. It’s awesome.

THC 1.47% THCA 77.65% CBD 0.30% CBDA 0.22%

GG4 - H - 3/5 

Aroma: a clean note, relatively neutral.
Texture: chunky little and mid sized rock-lets
Appearance: honey hued, shiny, beautiful.
Smoke/Taste: pretty clean & has an interesting almost bread like flavor profile.
High: Thoughtful, a bit cloudy, mellowing, sleepy.. now getting ready for bed earlier then planned (in a good way)..

THC 1.94% THCA 84.48% CBD 0.25% CBDA 0.14%

Ghost OG x Blue Dream Live Resin - 4/5 

Aroma: clean breeze, very light hint of mothball
Texture: like a slightly fine gritty clay, can be formed but a bit hard to keep together.
Appearance: mid gold, slightly translucent, broken up into pointed triangled..
Smoke/Taste: good clean hit, bit of a nose tickle, has a very "blue sky" taste, hard to describe, its like fresh, crisp mountian air, very nice and clean.
High: Feel like a ninja... just killin it.. very nice
THC 3.53% THCA 81.63% CBN 0.33% CBD 0.22% & CBDA 0.16%

Ghost OG x Blue Dream Shatter - 3.5/5 

Aroma: light apricot aroma, hint of orange..
Texture: not much like a traditional shatter, has a moisture which prevents any type of "shattering" while handling, like a moist yet dried out sand chunk.
Appearance: golden, orange, glossy, opaque.. bit of grit to it.
Smoke/Taste: pretty clean, a bit sharp up front but finished smooth.. Has a refreshing out breath after the hit when breathing out of the nose.
High: Nice, relaxing.. Things have now become more interesting, nature documentaries are great right now..
THC 1.81% THCA 79.22% CBN 0.29% CBD 0.28% & CBDA 0.16%

Ghost OG x Blue Dream Wax - 3.8/5 

Aroma: light, soft pine, cumin powder, a paper note (odd, but its there)...
Texture: crumbles when broken up, soft, can be formed into small patties that dont stick to fingers, so pretty managable to work with.
Appearance: one big chunk (and a smaller one and tiny crumbles) with a bit of a hollow, bubble like structure like volcanic rock, all light gold & opaque.
Smoke/Taste: has the same nice clean hit as the Ghost OG x Blue Dream Shatter, but had a bit of a nose tickle at the end of the hit..
High: good, mellow yet motivated.
THC 2.67% THCA 78.15% CBN 0.66% CBD 0.62% & CBDA 0.17%

Ghost OG x Flo Sugar Crumble (butane extract) - 4/5 

Aroma: sweet hashy note, mellow... some lime..
Texture: like a sugar cube sliced in to layers, but not in an exact way, its more natural..
Appearance: Just crystals!!! gleaming! gold orange, beautiful.
Smoke/Taste: very smooth, clean hashy flavor
High: nice lifting up to the high sky...
THC 2.73% THCA 80.78% CBD 0.38% CBDA 0.15% CBN 0.39%

Gobbstopper wax (butane extract) 4/5

Aroma: citrus aroma, grapefruit, peel...
Texture: dry, breaks up into a bit of a mush but you can break off pieces..
Appearance: bright yellow/gold, in small flat chunks.
Smoke/Taste: the citrus comes through, smooth, nice...
High: happy mood, motivating...
note: was only able to try on top of bud, tried on a few different types (razzmatazz & black cherry soda) and had a very nice similar effect throughout..
THC 4.75% THCA 82.17% CBD 0.34% CBDA 0.22% & CBN 0.41%

Island Sweet Skunk wax - 4.1/5 

Aroma: sweet, grass, clean breeze..
Texture: interesting, like aero chocolate bars in Canada.. bubbles inside of a dried solid tan puck.. breaks into pieces and bits, crumbles..
Appearance: looks like a tan puck with air bubbles on the inside
Smoke/Taste: great, clean, refreshing like a tall glass of water, very smooth..
High: Great high, everything is super interesting... THC 2.27% THCA 85.65% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0.23% & CBN 0.33%

PTS Brazil Amazonia THCa Crystalline - S - 4.20/5 

Aroma: Light but when container hasn’t been opened for a while and then it is opened and immediately smelled, there is a nice floral, fruit note. Should ideally be a bit more neutral, but it is still very pleasant.
Texture: Like very light sand through to chunks of solid crystal. Not sticky, more flowing, like timeless sand (the smaller bits anyway).
Appearance: Shiny little bits of crystal chunks and many more smaller bits, almost to the point of sand. The look is a bit on the light golden-yellow side, makes sense with the 87.95% THCa level..
Smoke/Taste: Smooth hitting up front, bit of a nip in the finish..
High: Nice, quick and happy, energizing, ready to do chores, jam music, dishes, making dinner, write reviews, a cartwheel or two, workout, whatever…

THC 1.13% THCA 87.95% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

PTS Citral #13 x Ice #2 - H - 4.29/5 

Aroma: soft perfume note, some floral notes..has a big orange peel note..
Texture: soft, easy to scoop.. like a thick frosting
Appearance: translucent to nearly opaque, sparkle city! Very pretty. Mid gold in color.
Smoke/Taste: has that great “fresh mountain breeze” thing happening, smooth and lightly yet fully flavorful, very nice!
High:Great, creative & thoughtful, yet motivative as well. Getting lots done. Very nice hybrid.

THC 0.97% THCA 86.95% CBD 0.44% CBDA 0.22%

PTS Sour Kush Wax - S - 3.5/5 

Aroma: Slight pine, touch of mothball.
Texture: like a stiff candle wax
Appearance: light gold, matte, opaque, a few small Swiss cheese like holes, all flat pieces
Smoke/Taste: smooth, a bit of light fruit. Hits clean! Just a bit more on the flavor profile would be nice but I appreciate how smooth it hits.
High: Great! Fun, happy.. 

THC 1.37% THCA 87.00% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0%

PTS Sour Kush Live Resin - S - 3.9/5 

Aroma: Slight pine, touch of mothball.
Texture: classic live resin, a tiny crystal-filled goo.
Appearance: light gold, matte, opaque
Smoke/Taste: smooth, a bit of light fruit. Hits clean! Just a bit more on the flavor profile would be nice but I appreciate how smooth it hits.
High: wonderful, relaxing..

THC 1.37% THCA 87.00% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0%

Purple Thai Caramel Shatter 4.5/5 

Aroma: Big Purple Thai notes, awesome, best for a concentrate so far!
Texture: slightly gritty caramel
Appearance: light to medium gold/tan, matte
Smoke/Taste: AMAZING! the most flavorful hash for a rig I've had, ever, on buds too.
High: Instant high! A wonderful sativa lift off, with ever a journey easily found.. Didn't even plan on reviewing but did it from inspiration.. 

Purple Thai (Sugar Live Resin) - S - 4.5/5 

Aroma: wow, beautiful dust aroma, similar to the purple Thai flower. Great terp representation.
Texture: Like rock salt broken into large (1 big ol’ boulder) to medium bits, with some smaller chunks.
Appearance: Shiny light gold, crystal facets everywhere. The big chunk was a bit deeper golden due to the size.
Smoke/Taste: Smooth! Wonderful! Some of the purple terp-le comes through.
High: Happy, thoughtful, creative, ready to get everything!

THC 1.09% THCA 86.54% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Sour Kush (Shatter) - H - 3.9/5 

Aroma: light herbal note
Texture: a less brittle shatter, breaks, but not into more than one or two pieces (ideal in my opinion).
Appearance: transparent, a glossy amber, like the Jurassic Park amber mosquito, but better, because of several reasons: 

1. No one gets hurt… 2. Everyone gets high 3. Fun is had by all.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, a hint of perfume followed by a clean and savory finish, a la the Revolution Jugrnaut Diesel
High: Great, thoughtful, like a detective up in here… Solved the mystery of the spelling of Jugrnaut Diesel (since spell check says no, but Revolution says yes, so they win)

THC 3.06% THCA 81.70% CBD 0.36% CBDA 0%

Starry Night wax - 3.5/5 

Aroma: citrus, some skunk funk. grape, fruit..
Texture: ooeey gooey
Appearance: like tan opaque nickelodeon slime..
Smoke/Taste: smooth, a nice dusty floral flavor..
High: very chill, relaxing.. THC 6.01% THCA 76.86% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.61% & CBN 1.99%

Tangerine Dream THCa Crystalline - 4.1/5 

Aroma: Like a freshly opened package, a clean breeze, newly constructed home..
Texture: Small crystals in clumps, not many large chunks, ranges from large grain of sand sized bits up to 1/3 rice grain sized bits.
Appearance: light a tough of gold, shiny on occasion..
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, neutral flavor profile for the most part, bit of the clean breeze rolls through.
High: Immeadiate, feel it in the front of my head, above eyes, a bit light, like a balloon got attached to the back of my eyeballs (in a good way)… A cloaking effect is felt the second after the dab, nice for an immediate “HIGH ME< ASAP!” situation.. only potential downside is a bit of sleepiness, but that is a benefit if wanted for near bedtime. Very nice over all.

THC 1.00% THCA 88.50% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Tangerine Dream - I - (Wax) - 4/5  

Aroma: bit earthy, some tropical fruit, mango, coco aminos..
Texture: solid, like a slightly brittle candle wax
Appearance: light golden with a hint of tanish green, opaque, solid
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, a sweet caramel note starts off a wonderful flavor profile. It finishes around the same campfire with a warm ending of soft woody notes, cherry wood specifically.
High: the nicest moment direct post dab all month, a high honor.

THC 2.07% THCA 83.00% CBD 0.36% CBDA 0%

Wild Thai 4.1/5 

Aroma: Cannalope, hint of dust. Texture: dried ear wax 

Appearance: light golden
Smoke/Taste: clean, fruit, toasted rose...
High: wonderfully calming, lots going on and I could give a R. A..... 

THC 3.87% THCA 80.50% CBD 0.25% & CBDA 0.30% 

Wild Thai Sugar Live Resin - S - 4.1/5 

Aroma: pretty neutral, a bit of some sugar, fruit..
Texture: like a slightly hard wax, but more on the crumbly side..
Appearance: Shining with crystals, light gold, light can pass through but its not really translucent.. In-between translucent and opaque.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, big hit still finishes smooth, some light tropical fruit is happening, pineapple.
High: Nice, light mood, thoughtful, happy, creative, good for writing.

THC 1.44% THCA 87.53% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Wild Thai (Wax) - S - 4.5/5 

Aroma: Nice dust aroma, wonderful.
Texture: solid block of wax, dry, crumbles off from 1 solid chunk with a few small bubbles.
Appearance: Pale mannish golden, opaque
Smoke/Taste: Smooth, clean hitting with some of the dust note and a subtle tropical breeze flowing in the background. Great for focusing on a task at hand and blocking out distractions..
High: Great focus, go mode. Very functional. Great for daytime.

THC 3.93% THCA 84.87% CBD 0.22% CBDA 0.23%