Pre-Rolled Joints




Aroma: Opening container- Veggie & and faint pine..
Consistency: Finely ground consistency, I”m betting it’s actual ground flower, a rarity in the IMCPP..
Appearance: A bit of a purple hue expressed in the overall appearance.

Smoke/Taste: Smooth (the main indication that it’s flower)
High: Nice, relaxing.. THC 0.49% THCA 14.85% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 


Cresco DJ Short Flo Preroll - S - 3.5/5 

(several standard sized filled cones, full, slightly dense fills)

Aroma: nice classic flo aroma when opened 

Consistency: fine ground flower it looks like (opened one up), maybe some sugar leaf.

Smoke/Taste: smooth... nice, classic Flo flavor, familiar with the bud..

High: THC 1.01% THCA 16.22% CBD 0.50% & CBDA 0%

Cresco Strawberry Shaman Preroll - S – 2/5 

(several standard sized filled cones, full, slightly loose fills)

Aroma: plant material, grassy..

Consistency: fine ground flower it looks like (opened one up), maybe some sugar leaf, but I did find a big stem, so most likely popcorn buds, ground up... watch out for stems.

Smoke/Taste: not big on flavor, slight nose tingle & bit of harsh at end of hit.

High: Ok, bit foggy but chill, not too sleepy. THC 0.74% THCA 25.74% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.43%

Cresco Roman Candles (infused joints) Indica - Katsu Bubba Kush - 3/5

Aroma: Opening container-great sweet hashy aroma..
Consistency: medium grind, found a couple stems though.
Appearance: looks like ground flower when opened up and put in a bowl.. Smoke/Taste: has a nice complex flavor.. dynamic, moves from funky to sweet with a tropical finish. bit of harsh, but just a bit..
High: Good, quick on set, high after 1 bong hit. THC 2.02% THCA 45.59% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Cresco Roman Candles (infused joints) Sativa - 3/5 - S 

Aroma: Opening container- great sweet hashy aroma..
Consistency: ground flower with lots of kief
Appearance: golden green, joint kept its shape after removing paper due to kief Smoke/Taste: smooth, nice sweet note, smooth..
High: Nice.. THC 2.20% THCA 48.62% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.25% 


GTI (RR) Durban (strain type) Dogwalkers (small pre-rolls) (S)- 3.2/5 

Aroma: skunky, citrus, spices, herbs, a dank yet grassy aroma in a good way

Consistency: fine ground flower

Smoke/Taste: not bad, just a touch of a silky mouth feel when smoked from a bong, didn't notice when smoked as a jay.. jay smoke is smooth, burns & hits well...

High: THC 1.16% THCA 25.82% CBD 0.01% & CBDA 0.01% nice, chill..

Note: The small size is great for a personal jay, cool container..

Had a second one, a batch of Sour Diesel, also good…

GTI (RR) Sour Diesel (strain type) Dogwalkers (5 small pre-rolls) (S)- 3.2/5 

Aroma: skunky, citrus, nice

Consistency: fine ground flower

Smoke/Taste: smooth. Nice, clean, herbal.... bit numbing on the tongue…

High: THC 0.80% THCA 20.23% CBD 0.00% & CBDA 0.89% nice, chill..

Note: The small size is great for a personal jay, cool container..


IESO Columbia Haze Preroll (several smallish <but bigger then a dog walker> sized filled cones, full, slightly dense fills)- S – 2.7/5 

Aroma: fruit, apple

Consistency: ground flower (says on package..) & it is, nice..

Smoke/Taste: ok, slight hint of fruit.. 

High: THC 0.38% THCA 23.33% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%


Revolution Cosmos - Cosmic cannabis clusters - Rockets - Lake Shore Drive - (its just a 1 gram pre-roll, laced with trichromes) (60S/40I)- 3.9/5 

Aroma: great aroma opening tube... skunky with a sweetness, anise...

Consistency: ground buds & what looks like it might be kief..

Smoke/Taste: nice, smooth.. ok but not as flavorful as Lake Shore Drive flower when broken up and smoked in a bong..

High: Quick onset.. there is for sure some hash/kief in there

CBD 0.24% CBDA 0% CBG 0.09% CBN 0.94% CBC 0% THC 0.85% THCA 47.68%!! (is that correct? way too high to just be flower, maybe that’s what the "cannabis Cluster" is about..) THCV 0.23%

Cannabis clusters are basically Revolution's version of moonrocks. They are buds soaked in CO2 oil and then coated in clean solid extracts.

The "Rockets" joints such as this one is a "flower joint heavily laced with triple filtered trichromes".

Turbo Lemon Cake Preroll (3 standard sized filled cones, lightly filled)- 1.5/5 - H 

Aroma: citrus when opened

Consistency: very, very finely ground, opened one & can really identify things, but it does look like ground flower. 

Appearance: It has a tan-ish appearance rather then just green (after tasting it, it may be tan-ish/yellow due to subpar flowers)

Smoke/Taste: smoked in a bong and it had a bit of oddness actually (not in a good way, odd as in a weird slickness on my tongue)..

High: meh.. hard to say since I didn't want a second hit from the weird bong load. 

THC 0.25% THCA 28.81% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%