Moonrock, Caviar & Infused Joint Reviews



Chunky Diesel Caviar - 3/5

Aroma: Open: mango, tropical fruit, pineapple, wonderful & surprising, some cookie

Broken: hashy tropical fruit plate!

Texture: breaks up nice, not overly gooey but still plenty of oil..

Appearance: look like dark purple buds, not overly oily, not too much kief either, just a light dusting..

Smoke/Taste: nice, berry, bit rough in the finish... dinged score, could have been 3.5

High: Great, I’m high as fuck!

THC 20.98% THCA 37.18% CBD 0% CBDA 1.51%

Critical Purple Kush Caviar - I – 3/5

Aroma: Open: earthy, a bit veggie, bit funky Broken: Some light fruit, bit of pine.. 

Texture: breaks up great, balanced, not too much of any one element..
Appearance: uniform life coverage, good hash oil coat too, but not too much to the point where it spots through, perfect.
Smoke/Taste: a clean cucumber note actually, nice.. Hashy too.
High: THC 30.055% THCA 22.063% CBD 0% CBDA 0.825%

Flo Caviar - S - 4/5

Aroma: Opening container- Hashy grapes, sandalwood, big gooey, purple aroma 

Broken- similar with a new citrus note, hashy

Texture: like regular flo but a bit mushy, not too much though (like the GL mixed moon rocks), hash oil laden 

Appearance: dark pebbles, smaller buds then a previous batch, dark (more oil then kief)

Smoke/Taste: sooo nice, like a more sandalwood flavored flo.

High: Very Awesome! Didn't even finish bowl & got super motivated to finish reviews & type them out. raised score as a result.

Green Line Caviar - H – 3.2/5

Aroma: Open: Some dust, bit sour, light citrus, very nice. Broken: great dust , tropical notes.. wonderful..
Texture: great, breaks up well..
Appearance: classic moon rock look balanced oil penatration (few darker areas..). Smoke/Taste: Pretty clean, a bit of fruit in the flavor.. This is a cross of Lime Skunk (father) & Ghost OG (mother). The citrus comes through, coupled with a smoothing, potent back up that mellows..
High: THC 33.193% THCA 16.370% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Katsu Bubba Kush Caviar - 3.2/5

Aroma: Open: full hashy aroma.. Broken: great blast O Hash

Texture: gooey, almost too saturated to smoke..

Appearance: like a jack rabbit turd.

Smoke/Taste: clean, nice wonderful

High: THC 31.82% THCA 26.51% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Lime Skunk Caviar - S - 4.20/5

Aroma: Opening container- fruity and hashy

Broken- nice full hash aroma, sweet.

Texture: super gooey, hard to break up, should have used rubber gloves maybe.

Appearance: gooey, top 1/2 of bud looks straight dipped in oil.. some kief on the lower 1/2 but not much over all..

Smoke/Taste: a nice perfume note, followed by a full hit with medium density. a bit hard to burn due to all the oil but eventually it goes. Might be best on top of just regular dried flower..

High: Fast acting. 1st smoke of the day (don't worry, its 3:03pm, caviar is maybe a bit much to smoke for a 1st smoke, but idgaf). It's an insta high, I'm high as a mug after one hit. this is true one hitter quitter stuff right here.

wow, update, it's 8:30pm, 5.5 hours later, still feeling good, haven't smoked anything since the test, its still in there. got a shit load done, including making awesome star shaped fan fried chicken nuggets, and they were devoured by all., score was 4/5, raising to 4.20/5 as a result.. THC 42.41% THCA 12.55% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Cresco Lime Sorbet Caviar - I - 4.2/5
Aroma: Open: lime, sweet citrus, pine, a great dusty note.. Broken: sharp citrus, a pepper note..
Texture: Handles well. Not too gooey, nice balance of oil and kief.
Appearance: Buds have a bit of a camouflage look, with the oil spotting through the kief in places.
Smoke/Taste: Great, soft yet full of flavor. Nice dusty note and pine with a sweet and sour citrus finish. Wonderful...
High: Peaceful, relaxing.. Feet up, mellow out. The lights are instantly too brite.. It paves the way to the bed in the best possible way.THC 39.493% THCA 10.210% CBD 0% CBDA 0.754% 

Roman Candles (infused joints) Indica - Katsu Bubba Kush - 3/5

Aroma: Opening container-great sweet hashy aroma..

Consistency: medium grind, found a couple stems though.

Appearance: looks like ground flower when opened up and put in a bowl..

Smoke/Taste: has a nice complex flavor.. dynamic, moves from funky to sweet with a tropical finish. bit of harsh, but just a bit..

High: Good, quick on set, high after 1 bong hit. THC 2.02% THCA 45.59% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Cresco Roman Candles (infused joints) Sativa - 3/5 - S

Aroma: Opening container- great sweet hashy aroma..

Consistency: ground flower with lots of kief

Appearance: golden green, joint kept its shape after removing paper due to kief

Smoke/Taste: smooth, nice sweet note, smooth..

High: THC 2.20% THCA 48.62% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.25%


GL Authentic Native Extracts Corleone Kush Sunrocks – I Dom. H – 4.45/5 

(Corleone Kush flower, shatter and kief)

Aroma: Opening container-nice, dusty note Broken:
Texture: Very fun... buds break up like they are frozen, yet not cold. It’s an interesting experience.. Handles well..
Appearance: Like a shiny, pourous lava rock, breaking open reveals a nice bud, creating a beautiful cross section.
Smoke/Taste: Pleasant, pretty smooth

High: Great, super relaxed yet motivated too. Wasn’t even going to write review but went ahead and did because it’s a creative high..
CBD 1.84% CBDA 11.69% THC 6.03% THCA 48.89% 

GL Authentic Native Extracts mixed moonrocks - H - 3/5  

(Corleone Kush flower & oil, and G6 Kief mixed) 

Aroma: Opening container- Light, floral... Broken- floral

Texture: gummy, oddly caramel like

Appearance: small to medium buds, very coated, kief absorbed into oil, giving it a taffy like break up of the bud

Smoke/Taste: very hashy, hard to smoke if not on buds (smoked by it self..)

High: nice, hit me soon after smoking...


NG Bubble Gum moon rocks - H - 3.75/5 

Aroma: Opening container-light aroma of pink bubblegum... Broken- Sweet, candy

Texture: nice, not too gummy, brakes up.

Appearance: big ol' bud covered in keif! Oil spots poking through..

Smoke/Taste: Sweet smooth smoke, a hash note. High: Quick, Cloaking, great. 

THC 26.20% THCA 27.22% CBD .27% & CBDA .25%

Chronic Thunder - 3/5

Aroma-a bit garden like, floral, grass notes.

Open: a mix of dust and citrus..

Broken: a bigger dust note, very nice..

Appearance: Some oil eased through the chief in some areas, good this coating, pretty universal coverage..

Smoke/Taste: Smooth hitting, the citrus lightly comes through..
High: THC 20% THCA 26.5% CBD 1.38% CBDA 2.64%

Double Durban Kush moon rocks- H - 3/5 

Aroma: Open: some strawberry

Broken: some fruitiness, hashy

Texture: good, not overly gooey like some moon rocks.

Appearance: very caked in kief with some oily parts showing through.

Smoke/Taste: smooth for the most part, touch of rough at the very end of the exhale. fruity flavor smoke but not super flavorful

High: Good high, nice

CBD 0.14% CBDA 0.13% CBG 0.14% CBN ?% CBC ?% THC 11.41% THCA 27.11%

Grace's Cookies moon rocks - H - 3.5/5

Aroma: Opening container- Classic Graces Cookies aroma Broken- Same but hashy..

Texture: nice, more kief then usual moon rocks but that's fine. Bit of a thin gooey layer but still breaks up nice, you can tell it was dried & cured nicely. 

Appearance: Covered in kief, it was falling off, fully caked!

Smoke/Taste: Very expansive smoke made for a big hit, should take a smaller one next time. (note: took a smaller hit & it was great, smooth..) Hashy taste with some GC notes..

High: AWESOME! Got me so sativa high I finally finished cleaning the bong & bubbler & slide & DIDN'T EVEN FINISH THE BOWL! 

CBD .28% CBDA .14% CBG .63% CBN 0.2% THC 25.85% THCA 19.4%

Graffiti series Jumpman moon rocks - H - 4/5

Aroma: a hashy sweetness, stick of pink bubblegum. Broken: Big fruity bubble gum sugar aroma..

Texture: gooey with lots of kief caked on the exterior of the bud

Appearance: Covered in kief with oil dripping through in some areas, awesome,, Can see the oil dipped outside like a smoke ring from a bbq pit.. AWESOME!

Smoke/Taste: hashy, sweet, smooth, very nice...

High: So high yo!

THC 29.93% THCA 18.36% CBD 1.12% & CBDA 3.35%

Graffiti series Vanilla Kush moon rocks - I - 3.3/5

Aroma: a bit musty, grass.. Broken: big fruity note with some floral funk, wonderful
Texture: breaks up nicely, good moisture level. A bit drier then some moon rocks but in a good way. The very gooey ones are nice to top a bowl with but are hard to smoke by themselves, but with this drier texture, a bowl can actually catch fire.
Appearance: Caked in kief, very nice.
Smoke/Taste: hashy, sweet, smooth, very nice...
High: So high yo! mellow..
THC 14.15% THCA 25.20% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.16% CBG 0.18% CBN 0.28% CBC 0.13%

NG Strawberry Headband moon rocks - H - 3/5

Aroma: Opening container: Light fruit, clean Broken: light aroma, slight fruit & a hint of hash

Texture: gooey, lots of oil..

Appearance: Caked in kief, great

Smoke/Taste: smooth, hashy, some fruit, then an oily finish.. not lot of flavor but smooth.

High: CBD .38% CBDA .22% CBG .35% CBN .14% THC 22.71% THCA 22.18%


Alien Purple Kush Moonrocks (with Lavender Kush {RK2} oil & kief) - 4.12/5

Aroma: Opening container-soft sage Broken: like dry wood.. hard too break.
Texture: like dried out taffy… tough to break in half.
Appearance: looked like a classic moon rock, heavy on the kief.
Smoke/Taste: nice, hit with a wick, smooth over all.
High:chill, rolls over me like the sea.
CBD 0.17% CBDA 0% CBG 0.17% CBN 0.26% CBC 0.54% THC 25.61% THCA 22.27% THCV 0.41%

Caramel Candy Kush Moonrocks (with mixed oil & mixed kief) - 3.95/5

Aroma: sweet, with some spice.. a bit of a caramel apple thing, interesting..

Broken: similar to open aroma..
Texture: On the gooey side, with a solid outside covered in kief. A bit difficult to pack and smoke on its own.
Appearance: golden chief covered buds with the dark oil layer underneath, and even a broken bud is pretty much all dark with oil on the inside. Fully covered!
Smoke/Taste: nice smooth hitting, clean, a bit of caramel in the flavor profile.
High: Nicely productive, clear headed, fun..
CBD 0.25% CBDA 0% CBG 0.61% CBN 0.48% CBC 0.28% THC 34.5% THCA 22.18% THCV 0%

Gorilla Glue #4 Moonrock - 4.5/5 - H 

Aroma: Opening container- a nice pine aroma and some fruit.. some mothball

Broken buds-great hashy sweetness

Texture: good, not too gooey like some, breaks up well

Appearance: covered in kief! broke one bud in half and it was a great cross section..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, hashy, clean hit, wonderful bit of dustyness in the exhale. some fruit.. nice.

High: Instant, feeling ireee & mellow... very good.

The flower is Gorilla Glue #4 with Key Lime Surprise OG oil, rolled in Clementine kief.. nice little mix..

THC 34.63% THCA 17.79% THCV 0.83% CBN 0.24% CBG 0.39% CBC 0.33% CBD 0.25% & CBDA 0.11%

Spectrum #12 Moonrocks (with ISS oil & mixed kief) - 4/5

Aroma: Opening container- jumped out of the container all over the floor… after collecting, ok. Light Broken: a candy aroma
Texture: like dry liqouice
Appearance:a light dip and dusting but breaks up like a full dip.
Smoke/Taste: a funky floral note, high now, much better, was getting a bit fed up.
High: Nice, feeling well. The high CBD of the Spectrum 12 nicely balances the large amount of THC & THCA..
CBD 0.41% CBDA 5.62% CBG 0.2% CBN 0.25% CBC 0.3% THC 24.5% THCA 18% THCV 0.45%