Review of Justice Grown Flower


Black Jack - 3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container-pine, sweet citrus.. pleasant herbs, touch of a nice dust like note...
Broken buds- wonderful yet subtle, a dust note.. very nice yet with a soft approach... Should make for a tasty yet smooth smoke, very rare. Fingers crossed.. 

Texture: Perfect, breaks up well, not too dry and not too wet..
Appearance: light to lime green, orange hairs, some crystals, mid sized calyxes.. Smoke/Taste: nice! A clean pine note, smooth yet with some flavor..
High: relaxing...
THC 1.04% THCA 23.52% CBN 0.70% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.31%

Gorilla Cookies - 2.7/5 - H  

Aroma: Opening container- skunky..

Broken buds- good funk, soft fruit, mango, B.O.

Texture: good, bit dense, breaks up well, on the moist side thanks to the little packet in the gram pouch it came in..

Appearance: light green, small calyxes, some crystals.., the occasional orange hair..

Smoke/Taste: ok, harsh finish, some of the aroma translated to the flavor profile..

High: THC 1.28% THCA 23.81% CBN 0.31% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Sunset Sherbert - 2.6/5 - H

Aroma:  Opening container- it has a nice funk, skunk aroma without even  opening... opening yields more of the same.... Broken buds- a nice  passion fruit note.. funk, bit of dust.

Texture:  breaks u[ well but its so dense its a bit difficult. moisture level is  good, had a little "2 way humidity control" thing in there, a packet  that helps to keep a good level of moisture in the containing envelope. 

Appearance: a bit dark in places but mainly light green. compact..

Smoke/Taste: nice, not big on flavor but its a smooth smoke.

High: mellow, relaxing. THC .45% THCA 24.53% CBD 0% CBDA 0% & CBN 0.3%