Justice Grown Con. Reviews



Black Jack (wax) - H - 2/5 

Aroma: honestly, a bit of a manure note.. mothball
Texture: like a taffy..
Appearance: dark green, glossy, opaque
Smoke/Taste: a bit rough…
High: foggy..

G13 (Pull & Snap) - I - 3/5 

Aroma: faint funk..
Texture: like a stiff thinner caramel..
Appearance: transparent, golden, glossy
Smoke/Taste: clean, got a nice clean breeze thing happening, nice.
High: nice, focused, relaxing…

THC 5.68% THCA 72.77% CBN 0% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Northern Lights- I - 4.19/5 

Aroma: has a nice dusty candy aroma, very nice, like the Razzmatazz buds & the PharmaCann Raz live sugar.., Its like a great tropical almost kiwi like note, but with the good dust aroma as well, great.
Texture: gritty, looks like very grippy skateboard grip tape
Appearance:golden, shiny with crystals, translucent.
Smoke/Taste: very smooth, like finishing a slice of pineapple and then breathing out. Bit of a tickle afterwards..
High: Creative, fun, happy, inspiring yet fully relaxing, ready to chill, no worries at all.

THC 2.33% THCA 77.99% CBD 0.00% CBDA 0.00% CBN 0.00%