Reviews of In Grown Flower


Bianca- H - 2.5/5

Aroma: floral, body wash... Broken: floral, touch of funk

Texture: bit moist but breaks up ok

Appearance: crystals, small calyxes, orange hairs, light green to mid, with an orange hue from the non withered hairs..

Smoke/Taste: not much taste, floral, relatively smooth..

High: nice, not foggy, chill

THC 0.62% THCA 16.62% CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBN 0.76% & CBG 1.12%

Bubba Train Wreck Haze- 2.2/5 - S. Dom H 

Aroma: Opening container- A nice bubble gum note Broken buds- more bubble gum, great

Texture: too dry! WHY...?

Appearance: Looks like a spot where a seed fell out. light green, mid to big calyxes, crystals very withered hairs..

Smoke/Taste: minty, bubble gum notes, ok

High: Nice chill high

THC 0.66% THCA 20.49% CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 0% CBN 1.27%

CBD  Bomb- 2/5 - Indica Hybrid 

Aroma: Opening container-bit of funk, hint  of pine/sour Broken buds- nice fruit & floral aroma..

Texture: Too dry!!!! WHYYYYYY????

Appearance: mid to large calyxes, mid to light green, fuzzy, saw a crystal, very withered hairs..

Smoke/Taste: ok, floral, cleaner...

High: ok...

THC 0.42% THCA 7.20% CBD 0.55% CBDA 14.05% CBG 1.63% CBN 0.39%cdx

Fruity Widow - I - 2.5/5  

Ok flavor + taste

High: THC: 0.42% THCA: 17.93% no CBD, CBDA 

Fruity Widow - I - 2.4/5 Higher score if not over dry. 

(second detailed review):

Aroma: Open: fruit snacks! cherry, apple, mango, big lollypop sweetness. a light perfume note.

Broken: more But larger fruitiness, true to its name.. very nice.

Texture: overly dry, brittle, too bad, as it would be truly great if it were dried to a proper level..

Appearance: mid sized calyxes, small orange hairs, mid to light green

Smoke/Taste: nice fruity pebble taste, but it sizzled a bit when lit. not as harsh as I figured, since it was dry.

High: Nice high, mellow.

CBDA 0% CBC 0% THC 0.62% THCA 19.78%

Innocence Haze - S. Dom. H - 2.2/5 

Aroma: Open: some citrus, nice

Broken: nice blast of fruit, like fruit punch, very pleasant & a bit surprising since the opening aroma was lower.

Texture: dry, too dry, hopefully it won't be harsh..

Appearance: light green, thin dark orange hairs, crystals..

Smoke/Taste: minimal flavor, ok

High: Nice high

CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.44% THCA 20.95%

Orange Innocence - I. Dom. H - 2.2/5 

Aroma: Open: touch of a hoppy note, orange peel

Broken: sweet, fruity aroma

Texture: very dry, brittle

Appearance: withered orange hairs, light green, crystals

Smoke/Taste: hop note comes through, but a touch harsh due to being over dry.

High: nice, a touch foggy 

CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 2.46% CBN 0.48% THC 0.54% THCA 15.41%

Pineapple  Chunk - I. dom. H (60%) - 2.95/5

Aroma: Open: fruit, light pineapple  Broken: nice funk, great unami note, sweet & lightly skunky

Texture:  an initial dryness is met by buds that break up well, so there are some  issues with consistency, but overall its level of dryness is ok, bit on  the over side for me.

Appearance: great crystals, large calyxes, very withered hairs light to mid green.

Smoke/Taste:  nice fruity flavor, the funk comes through too. nice out breath after  the hit after. with it was a touch less dry & it would be great.,  3.5/5 level...!

High: nice, uplifting yet chill...

THC 0.51% THCA 20.09% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

White Widow- S. dom. H (60%) - 2.95/5 

Aroma: grass, some slight fruit note, touch of citrus, sage?.. Broken: apples, floral

Texture: nice, semi dense but breaks up well.

Appearance: crystals, long, pointy nug, like a finger, light greensmall calyxes, orange hairs (semi-withered)

Smoke/Taste: smooth smoke, nice floral taste, some fruit.

High: Good chill high.

THC 0.36% THCA 15.94% CBD 0% CBDA 0% CBG 0