Review of IESO Flower


Blueberry  Boost – Hybrid - 2.8/5

Aroma: Open: fruity, a blueberry note in  between sweet & sour.. Broken: big fruit & floral notes.., hint  of fuel..

Texture: Great as usual, Must be  because of the glass jar it came in! Love it, but no need for the  cardboard tube the glass jar comes in, too much packaging on the whole..

Appearance: white & orange hairs, small calyxes, light to mid green, a bit of a pale look..

Smoke/Taste: ok, not big on flavor.. relatively smooth..

High: THC 0.36% THCA 14.29% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Columbian Haze - S - 2.9/5

Aroma: Open: soft floral, perfume notes

Broken:  more of the floral note, kind of reminds me of Vancouver buds (the  generic BC buds everyone had that were good but not amazing), like high  school nugs even..

Texture: Great again, Must be because of the glass jar it came in!

Appearance: semi dense, breaks up well, small to mid sized buds, light green, orange hairs..

Smoke/Taste: nice, floral, touch of hint of harsh at end of hit..

High: THC 0.38% THCA 23.33% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Death Star - 2.5/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- clean dried grass on a breezy day.
Broken buds- like a fresh sweeping mountain breeze, the opposite of musky, wonderful and full of light fruit and blooming flowers..
Texture: on the dry side of the moon
Appearance: beautiful frosted buds, light green, orange hairs, mid to large sized calyxes
Smoke/Taste: ok, some light fruit and herbs come through.
High: ya know, it’s just alright with me. Nothing to write a book about.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.37% THCA 20.73%

Gorrilla Biscuit - 2.8/5  – S Dom. H 

Aroma: Opening container- grass, some dust
Broken buds- nice dust note shines, with some bride fruit notes.
Texture: Great, just right.
Appearance: light to mid green buds, a shimmer or two, small calyxes, orange pistils.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean but could be a touch smoother, some light fruit comes through, wish there was more..
High: Nice, happy times, its a smiler (redemptive for score, adds a .3 to get over the half way mark)..

THC 0.61% THCA 20.88% CBD 0.19% CBDA <0.10%

Jedi Kush - 2.2/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- melon, specifically cantaloupe…
Broken buds- light, a bit grassy.
Texture: dry
Appearance: sparse growth buds are not filled out.
Smoke/Taste: flat, neutral, at least it’s not harsh.
High: Mellow effect.. just ok.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 00.63% THCA 19.15%

Mendo Mud Bud - 2.3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- wonderful dust aroma up front..
Broken buds- some light citrus
Texture: dry
Appearance: some crystals, dense growth, mid to light green, orange hairs..
Smoke/Taste: ok, bit of a bite in the finish.. wish it wasn’t so dry, could be good.
High: Good, relaxing
CBD 0.15% CBDA <0.10% THC 00.39% THCA 22.95%

Optimus Prime - ? - 2.9/5

Aroma: Open: lightly sweet & sour, doughy

Broken: some grape notes... hint of sand, beach

Texture:  great, but maybe even a touch on the over moist side, WOW, 1st time  that's happened! Must be because of the glass jar it came in. great!

Appearance: big chunk bud, mid green, lots of crystals, orange hairs..

Smoke/Taste: ok, mellow, not a big flavor, floral

High: THC 0.21% THCA 21.68% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Pure Kush - 2.65/5  

Aroma: Opening container- light pine, some citrus, bit of dust..

Broken buds- pine

Texture: on the dry side

Appearance: slightly open but full buds, small calyxes, mid green, very small orange hairs.

Smoke /Taste: smooth, nice, but not a lot of flavor.. some light grape.

High: relaxed, mellow..

THC 0.35% THCA 22.32% CBD 0.10% & CBDA 0%

Raspberry Glue - 2.55/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- A nice dusty aroma..
Broken buds- A nice actual raspberry note, some other fruit notes.
Texture: Very good,
Appearance: Average looking buds have a bit of a rainbow look, orange pistils, light green leaves, no real shine to the buds, immature, could have used another week before harvesting, feels rushed out the door.
Smoke/Taste: ok flavor, a bit light, tough of a rough finish..
High: Ok, thoughtful, relaxing.

THC 0.39% THCA 18.53% CBD <0.10% CBDA <0.10

Royal Medic - 2.1/5  

Aroma: Opening container- grassy
Broken buds- floral, perfume like..
Texture: Ok, breaks up well.
Appearance: mid green, orange hairs, small to mid sized calyxes
Smoke/Taste: Ok, a muted flavor profile..
High: Mellow, low THC level, nice CBD relaxation..

THC 0.53% THCA 7.07% CBD 0.12% CBDA 17.83%

Space Monkey - 3/5 – S Dom. H 

Aroma: Opening container- grass, bit of dust
Broken buds- nice herbal and tropical fruit note.
Texture: good, balanced..
Appearance: chunky yet open growth structure, mid green, small crystal heads, orange hairs, mid to large sized calyxes.
Smoke/Taste:smooth, some light herbal note, a touch of fruit.
High: Chiller… Makes thoughts in my head, thoughts I then type, like is happening THIS VERY SECOND!!! Good stuff.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 1.23% THCA 24.82%