IESO / Little Egypt Concentrate Review


Cherrygasm Drizzler - 4.20/5 

Aroma: a fruit note.. pleasant.
Texture: flows fast.. comes in a plunger, makes for easy dabs.
Appearance: translucent, light amber, beautiful
Smoke/Taste: wow, full of fruit flavor, wonderful!
High: Lovely, relaxing.. very engaging yet absolutely relaxed and happy, smile for miles…. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

THC 67.45% THCA 12.65% CBD 0.39% CBDA 0.71%

Columbian Haze Drizzler - 3.9/5 

Aroma: a sweet bubblegum note..
Texture: flows, in a plunger
Appearance: golden, has a clarity..
Smoke/Taste: wonderful.. smooth. A nice woodsy note.
High: Very peasant, happy runtimes.

THC 58.39% THCA 6.22% CBD 0.47% CBDA 0.38%

Jedi Kush Solventless Hash Oil - 3.5/5 

Aroma: very minimal hint of dust..
Texture: not sticky, like a drier silly puddy.
Appearance: bit of a deep green, nearly opaque but you can see light through it, has a gloss to the side facing upright.
Smoke/Taste: smooth, pretty clean hitting.. a bit of a sweet flavor, some fruit.
High: Nice, pleasant, feel good.

THC 8.11% THCA 77.92% CBD 0.26% CBDA 0.36%

Optimus Prime Kief - 3/5  

Aroma: dusty, sweet citrus

Texture: formed into little balls in the container 

Appearance: light tan...

Smoke/Taste: smooth, bit of a hash note, a bit sweet, hint of pine cleaner

High: Very nice, super chill

THC 0.76% THCA 46.54% CBD 0.17% & CBDA 0%

Pure Kush (solventless hash oil) 3.8/5

Aroma: a soft herbal note... some pine, hint of mushroom funk..
Texture: shatter like... thin, beaks
Appearance: translucent, mid brown, glossy on one side, matte on the other.. 

Smoke/Taste: smooooth, clean, herbal, some pine...
High: ggreat, relaxing... creative, motivated..
THC 25.03% THCA 62.20% CBD 00.24% & CBDA 00.17%