Banana Split (Crumble) - 4/5 - S

Aroma: a banana vanilla note, pleasant..

Texture: like dehydrated ear wax, not sticky at all, can be flattened easily, very nice Appearance: a bit crumbly as the name suggest, making little bits like broken pretzels.. light blond, tan

Smoke/Taste: nice, clean, smooth.. fruits, mango.. vanilla maybe.

High: Wonderful, remembered to take off nail and did it with a smooth maneuver..

THC 2.63% THCA 84.09% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.70%

Banana Split (Live Resin) - H - 4.20/5 

Aroma: some actual banana, even when straight from cold storage, pretty impressive.

Texture: like a melted sugar cube that was reformed then recoiled..
Appearance: just beautiful. Like a shimmering diamond in rough form, but tan hued and opaque.
Smoke/Taste: very smooth. Like a banana smoothie without any added sugar or honey. Just right for the real thing. 

High: Creative, fun, a bit of energy. Yes sir, I believe I like it.
THC 2.329% THCA 88.887% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.783% 

Banana Split, The Blend, Premium Concentrates (S)- 4/5 

Aroma: Very nice, similar to the Banana Split flower aroma in all the right ways.. good fruit, particularly banana, come through.. Texture: Like a smoothly blended then a bit dried out ear wax..

Appearance: light green/ golden tan..

Smoke/Taste: very smooth, nice sweetness, a banana cream pie taste, great..

High: quick, feeling ire in seconds.. Was kinda in a bad mood, now all is mellow & well..

Blue Dream (Cured Resin) - H - 4.40/5 

Aroma: light pine the slightest hint of espresso.
Texture: like sand mixed with coconut oil, forming a clump that occasionally shine and rolls about in the glass container.
Appearance: Light to deep golden, gritty, as if clumped, dried out sand were lightly lubricated with an oily substrate.
Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, and that’s even on massive hits. Seriously.. MASSIVE, like a ninja in the night, I felt nothing. Wonderful on the exhale and the creative while relaxed feeling after is a nice plus.
High: Lightly fun and witty, not clouded, yet fully in the sky. It’s a clear, focused high, functionally wonderful. Feels like the cure took the edge off, its such a functioning yet relaxing vibe, very unique.

THC 0.01% THCA 76.139% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Blue Premium Concentrates (I)- 3.68/5 

Aroma: nice bright floral aroma.. Great.

Texture: very dried out ear wax, broken off pieces will come off, but lots crumbles and comes off..

Appearance: very light tan, gold

Smoke/Taste: very nice & clean… 

High: a non foggy hit, feeling nice.

THC 1.99% THCA 86.29% CBD 0.49% CBDA 0.15%

Brownie Scout (Cured Resin) - I - 4.15/5 

Aroma: mothball, a sort of sharp cheddar funk..
Texture: like a slightly gritty ear wax with a touch more fluidity.
Smoke/Taste: Interesting.. a nice big kind of funk note with a smooth finish.. Like a dangerous stunt that gets just barely pulled off.
High: Fun, creative, yet relaxing. Ready to do another review. Its a good high, with a relaxed functionality that lends itself to evening work.

THC 1.803% THCA 77.329% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Brownie Scout (Live Sugar) - I - 3.4/5 

Aroma: clean, a bit of a dough like aroma.. a hint of cocoa.
Texture: like a dried out crystalline honey but can be handled easy.
Appearance: sparkles! Like a shimmering diamond. A light amber with a gloss.. in squared off flat pieces.
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, a light sweetness in the flavor profile.
High: Nice, relaxing, pretty mellow onset, not like a cloak, more like a rising tide.

THC 3.425% THCA 78.719% CBD 1.500% CBDA 1.964%

Brownie Scout Premium Concentrates, Brownie Scout (I)- 3/5 

Aroma: hint of pine, cinnamon, cookie

Texture: classic wax

Appearance: glossy, opaque, a hint of green, mostly tan

Smoke/Taste: clean, smooth, bit of a mothball funk in the finish… 

High: Insta mellow, feeling chill..

THC 3.19% THCA 81.61% CBD 0% CBDA 3.89%

Bubba 76 (Live Resin) - I - 3/5 

Aroma: mothball..
Texture: like crystalized honey..
Appearance: deep orange, translucent shine to it..
Smoke/Taste: pretty smooth, some mothball comes through, hint of hops..
High: Thoughtful, mellow.. 

THC 3.679% THCA 77.923% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Bubba Fett (Live Resin) - I - 3.3/5 

Aroma: fruit, citrus, tiny bit of nice funk..
Texture: crystalized honey
Appearance: light golden, translucent, sparking with crystals..
Smoke/Taste: took a big one and it was pretty smooth for the size of the hit.. some tropical fruit comes across in the flavor profile.
High: Creative, thoughtful, relaxing.. very nice overall..  

THC 1.690% THCA 78.590% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Cobalt Cab, The Blend, Premium Concentrates, - I - 3.75/5  

Aroma: very nice, floral, dusty, a sharp sour fruit note…

Texture: like a dried out ear wax, smoothly blended.

Appearance: light tan, chunks & crumbles..

Smoke/Taste: smooth hitting, get some of the dustiness in the exhale, nice.

High: Good, words flow nicely..

THC 4.88% THCA 80.53% CBD 0.24% CBDA 0.25%

Durban (Live Sauce) 3.95/5  

Aroma: citrus, pine, touch of mothball..
Texture: like a slightly gritty wax when cool (cold storage is best)
Appearance:shiny, deep tan when clumped together.
Smoke/Taste: Clean, smooth, some pine, nice..
High: Very nice, had to resample it because after the 1st one, I went to blow the dab out the door and ended up walking around the yard because it was so nice out. So it’s motivational, but a bit meandering..
THC 3.409% THCA 80.713% CBD 0.00% & CBDA 5.267% 

Great Divide (Cured Resin) - I - 4/5 

Aroma: a bit light, some fuel, citrus, floral..
Texture: a bit loose, touch gritty.
Appearance: has a translucency, shines with gland heads, light amber.
Smoke/Taste: wow, wonderful flavor.. a bit full, can go light, little goes a long way. Has a candy note to it, almost a toffee sweetness note on the exhale..
High: Very mellowing, its a good last hit of the night… Ready for bed now, in a good way. So use to combat insomnia, there is no way it could withstand this wave of chill.

THC 3.580% THCA 74.541% CBD 0% CBDA 1.314%

Great Divide.. Live Resin (Premium Concentrates) – I – 4.5/5 

Aroma: floral, lavender…

Texture: scoops well, holds its shape.. like melting sugar

Appearance: light tan, granular yet like a candle left its presents..

Smoke/Taste: wonerderus… 


Upped score from 3.6 to 4.5!

original: nice, mug mode… bed time, ween on the mind, it’s a tender situation…

THC 4.13% THCA 63.89% CBD 0% CBDA 3.64%

Great Divide (Premium Concentrates) –I– 4.15/5 

Aroma: floral, lavender…

Texture: scoops well, holds its shape.. like slightly dried out play doh

Appearance: deep tan, matte, difference btw scruffed areas (light look) and untouched areas (darker)

Smoke/Taste: smooth, floral, like stepping into an English garden

High: So high, singing “cross the great divide…down by the river side..,,, 

(foot tapping… ba bi ba da, bi da … ba bi ba bi da, ba bi da, ba bi da di..)

THC 2.89% THCA 75.46% CBD 0% CBDA 8.90%

GTI Keif (no name, just says keif) - 2.4/5  

Aroma: earthy, hint of herb, a touch of grass
Texture: soft, classic keif
Appearance: tan, a bit of occasional ground plant material seems to be in there.
Smoke/Taste: (tried on top of a small bud of Flo, so I can identify the added flavor profile. Put a large amount on and only lit lightly to just burn keif) : bit dusty, spice note comes through.. ok.
High: nice, quick onset but a bit foggy.. sleepy.
THC 2.336% THCA 32.411% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.311% 

Headband (Premium Concentrates) –S– 3.8/5 

Aroma: floral, lavender…

Texture: scoops well, holds its shape.. like slightly dried out play doh

Appearance: deep tan, matte, difference btw scruffed areas (light look) and untouched areas (darker)

Smoke/Taste: smooth, floral, like stepping into an English garden

High: THC 2.89% THCA 75.46% CBD 0% CBDA 8.90%

Headband – S – 3/5 

Aroma: slight citrus..

Texture: Dried out earwax

Appearance: like tan playdoh..

Smoke/Taste: a hashy note, touch of fuel.. pretty smooth

High: THC 2.29% THCA 82.16% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Jack Frost, The Blend, Premium Concentrates, (S)- 3.7/5 (another batch was 3.2/5) 

Aroma: very nice aroma, a sweet pine, very pleasant, like great buds.. Texture: Like a smoothly blended then a bit dried out ear wax..

Appearance: light green/ golden tan..

Smoke/Taste: sweet, very smooth, nice

High: chill, nice, things are very interesting all of a sudden… contemplative. 

THC 2.22% THCA 80.63% CBD 0.20% CBDA 0.14%

Jack Herer (Live Sauce)- S - 4.20/5 

Aroma: Nice tropical fruit, mangos..
Texture: a smooth suace with the occasional crystal cluster floating about.
Appearance: Golden tan, translucent, good grouping of crystals. One big ol’ chunk for the baking was center stage.
Smoke/Taste: The flavor profile had a lemon note, smooth overall approach & finish.
High: A nice onset, a bit delayed… Feeling relaxed yet focused, good for working on a laborious task & idle jobs, letting the mind wander while the work gets done. There is an entourage effect at work, as earlier I sampled MarQaha Blueberry Chamomile (4.3/5), so these can be utilized together for a nice outcome.

THC 16.377% THCA 66.254% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Jack Herer Premium Concentrates, Jack Herer (S)- 3.9/5 

Aroma: light pine, hint of citrus

Texture: breaks up well, doesn't stick to fingers, yet it can be molded..

Appearance: golden tan, has a bit of a shine to it..

Smoke/Taste: Smooth, nice hashy taste & a good citrus dust in the exhale..

High: Very nice, feeling productive... popping out reviews & feeling no blues..

THC 3.85% THCA 81.98% CBD 0% CBDA 2.29%

Jack Herer (Wax) - S - 3.35/5 

Aroma: Starts with a big sugar note and ends with a dusty pine, very pleasant
Texture: soft, like a lightly airy play dough.
Appearance: brownish tan, shimmery with gland heads
Smoke/Taste: clean intake, lots of forest flavors… a clean breeze, pine, a bit of light musk.. very nice. Bit of a tickle on the back end but that may have been because I was lingering on the fine flavor profile.
High: Creative, energizing, fun, smiles…

THC 5.827% THCA 69.598% CBD 0.00% CBDA 0.00% 

Jacks Jam, The Blend, Premium Concentrates, (I)- 2.8/5 

Aroma: light hashy aroma…

Texture: like a slightly sticky playdoh.. nice.

Appearance: Looks like a golden/light tan play doh…

Smoke/Taste: ok, not really amazing, hashy…

High: Quick onset, big & got a quick fog over me…

THC 4.69% THCA 75.40% CBD 0% CBDA 3.02%

Kosher Kush (Live Resin) - I - 2.85/5 

Aroma: light pine..
Texture: mainly a slightly thick sauce with a few big crystal chunks floating in there.
Appearance: light golden, translucent, almost opaque..
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, and its tasty as well, the pine translates to a nice clean taste, with almost an herbal soothing mint situation happening. Maybe a bit rough in the finish.
High: Thoughtful, nice, creative

THC 5.264% THCA 70.140% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Lavender Jones (Live Sugar) - H - 4.20/5 

Aroma: A nice herbal aromatic profile..
Texture: like a crystalized dry honey
Appearance: Tan, shiny crystals in suspension.. not much liquid content.
Smoke/Taste: Very smooth, there was nice citrus and soap like note, lavender in the finish.
High: Very good high, fast onset, a bit stupefying (in a good way, for PTSD as an example), makes it easy to forget things..

THC 0.01% THCA 85.430% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Lemon Hash Live Resin - H - 3.5/5 

Aroma: a citrus note, some soft pine..
Texture: like a soft, easy to cut gritty wax.
Appearance: deep golden, almost orange.. a bit chunky, shimmering at times, softly translucent but very hard to actually see through since its in a chunk.
Smoke/Taste: hits pretty clean.. relatively smooth.. Light on the overall flavor profile, a bit of soft citrus..
High: Mellow, fast onset, a bit on the cloudy side after a second dab, so be careful.. THC 1.858% THCA 82.269% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Lemon Hash Plant Premium Concentrates - S - 3.9/5 

Aroma: sweet aroma, a bit of a pleasant dust note... 

Leaves the room smelling very pleasant after doing a dab.

Texture: Dry, breaks in to pieces along the lines of  a seemingly drizzled texture.

Appearance: Interesting pattern on the back.. light tan.

Smoke/Taste: Nice, has a good sweet citrus flavor 

High: Pretty quick onset, wonderful feeling & fully felt in the body, but not in a foggy way.

Lemon Hash Wax - H - 4.8/5 

Aroma: A great kiwi, tropical, passion fruit note… love it, want to live here…
Texture: Small chunks do a ‘smush-break’ when pushed down, not sticky, handles well.
Appearance: Light golden, sparkles, in mid-sized crumbles & chunks, translucent to opaque..
Smoke/Taste: Like a breath of pineapple, its amazing… this might be that next level… Going up! Yes, INDEED, THIS IS THE NEXT LEVEL KILLLER!!!!!! Smooth, great taste, great high!
High: ^^^ Its just wonderful, Im feeling at one with the world, typing is easy, words are easy, life is easy & fun & full of sun & smiles.. good mood stuff here. THC 0.01% THCA 93.730!!% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Mississippi Bud Premium Concentrates, The Blend- 3/5 - I 

Aroma: fruit, apple, citrus..

Texture: a bit on the gooey side

Appearance: brown ear wax

Smoke/Taste: like a pleasant moth ball, smooth dab..

High: very relaxing, yet motivatonal.. wrote this review and didn't even plan on doing one..

THC 4.75% THCA 78.51% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.25%

Otto 3/5 - I (mostly CBD) 

Aroma: not much

Texture: pulls but breaks if pulled fast, thick yet fully transparent, can be molded..

Appearance: Clear, medium tan 

Smoke/Taste: nice & light & smooth, lightly hashy

High: mellow, great last hit for the night..

Purple OG - 3.8/5 - I 

Aroma: Opening container- bit of mothball..

Handling- same

Texture: like slightly dried ear wax..

Appearance: a deep, darkish orange with a touch of a green hue..

Smoke/Taste: great! smooth, even with a big hit! great flavor too, a nice funk, some dust.. fills the room with a great dusty aroma too..

High: Feeling nice, chill.. THC 3.74% THCA 78.83% CBD 0% & CBDA 3.46%

Papa Skunk, The Blend, Premium Concentrates, (S)- 3.5/5 

Aroma: soft, mellow aroma, some 

citrus, not very skunky.. Texture: very dried out ear wax, crumbles apart..

Appearance: creamy very light/pale tan

Smoke/Taste: nice, like floral buds.., pretty smooth, had some coughs but took a big hit, soooooo..

High: quick onset, insta chill, mellow eyes..

THC 4.18% THCA 79.72% CBD 0% CBDA 0.63%

Purpling Durbish, The Blend, Premium Concentrates (I)- 4.3/5 

Aroma: nice initial purple note, like grapes, black licorice, light anise...

Texture: good "play dough" like consistency is easy to deal with and get in to rigs or bowls

Appearance: light green/golden, crystally!

Smoke/Taste: smooth, nice light purple taste happening in the finish & after note. nice.

High: relaxing, chill, feeling nice mang..

THC 3.26% THCA 60.91% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Redheaded Stranger - 3.4/5 - S 

Aroma: Opening container- sweet citrus & some dust, very nice.. Handles nicely,

Texture: dried out, crumbles a bit but breaks up in to chunks..

Appearance: light gold, flat on one side

Smoke/Taste: smooth, finishes clean, some nice citrus taste

High: Quick, feels good, can feel it in head THC 2.82% THCA 78.78% CBD 0% & CBDA 3.71%

Sour Joker (Live Sugar) - S - 3.2/5 

Aroma: light, a bit of a soft floral note..
Texture: like semi dry chunky sand..
Appearance: a light brown, shiny with crystals.
Smoke/Taste: Pretty clean, light on flavor
High: quick on set, cloaked in a cloud of high.. 

THC 3.076% THCA 81.682% CBD 0.00% CBDA 5.705%

Sour Joker (Premium Concentrates) –S– 3.9/5 

Aroma: hoppy, clean citrus…

Texture: dehydrated ear wax

Appearance: a glossy tan play doh

Smoke/Taste: very smooth, clean hitting…. Very nice. A wave of energetic high came over me as I exhaled, wonderful..

High: THC 6.31% THCA 72.24% CBD 0% CBDA 7.59%

Sunset Sherbet (Cured Resin) - H - 4.05/5 

Aroma: floral, some grapefruit.. hint of mothball.
Texture: like a dehydrated gritty jelly..
Appearance: light tan gives way to deep gold in thicker areas, just nearly translucent.
Smoke/Taste: smooth hitting, a candy note on the exhale, nice.
High: Relaxing, sedative.. mellow time, hush that chime..

THC 4.199% THCA 75.695% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

X Wing (Live Resin) - I - 2.6/5 

Aroma: hoppy, a sharp orange peel note..
Texture: like settled honey with crystals formed..
Appearance: light golden bit matte, translucent..
Smoke/Taste: a bit perfume like, floral.. lower temp dabs are good for this one.
High: Nice, quick onset, relaxing.. 

THC 4.366% THCA 77.935% CBD 0% CBDA 0%