Birthday Cake - H - 2.5/5  

Aroma: Opening container- a bit vegetal yet clean.
Broken buds- bride pineapple, mango notes.
Texture: On the dry side..
Appearance: Rainbow look with some purple hues, good crystal development, orange pistils..
Smoke/Taste: Light flavor profile, a burnt popcorn note lingers from th bowl after the hit (a wayward seed perhaps?).
High: Nice, introspective, almost makes up for the lack of flavor but not in the end. Solidly average. 

THC 1.944% THCA 19.550% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Blueberry Headband - H - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Opening container- a sweet berry note..
Broken buds- bit of dust.. a clean breeze, very nice..
Texture:good, balanced
Appearance: light green, orange hairs, small calyxes..
Smoke/Taste: Pretty smooth, took a big hit and its like it disappeared.. Some berry comes through but its an overall light flavor profile.
High: Nice, relaxing…
THC 0.01% THCA 24.052% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Bordello - 2.8/5  

Aroma: Opening container- grassy, caramel (interesting combination..)
Broken buds- nice sweet citrus, bit of funk..
Texture: ok, on the edge of overly dry, but still good.
Appearance: light to lime green with darker areas, small crystal heads, orange hairs extending from small calyxes.
Smoke/Taste: Nice, a deep BO funk in there, which there was more. Smooth but overall a light flavor profile..
High: nice, direct, motivated..
THC 0.899% THCA 26.910% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Bubba Diagonal - I - 4/5

Aroma: Opening container- mothball, fruit, berry, bit of anise, almost DJ Short Flo like…

Broken buds- Wow, great, still similar to Flo, in all the best ways

Texture: Great, balanced

Appearance: buds have a purple hue, shiny with crystals…red hairs.

Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, nice.. Less flavor then Flo but maybe a hint smoother ..

High: Nice, creative, makes writing fun..

THC 1.553% THCA 18.963% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Candyland - H - 3/5

Aroma: Opening container: grassy, springtime..

Broken buds- floral.. lavender, soap..

Texture: great, breaks up wonderfully..

Appearance: purple buds, orange hairs, crystals…

Smoke/Taste: nice, mellow, smooth..

High: Chillin, mellow.. THC 0.367% THCA 23.552% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Chem 4 - 2.8/5 

Aroma: Opening container- some grass, some funk, some bit of dust..
Broken buds- some bright citrus, kiwi..
Texture: good, breaks up well.
Appearance: light green, mid sized calyxes, orange hairs.
Smoke/Taste: ok, a bit light on discernible flavor.. some light funk, touch of citrus.
High: good, motivated..
THC 1.060% THCA 30.281% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Chem De La Chem –S. Dom. H - 2.8/5 

Aroma: Opening container-floral, clean, hint of dust, citrus..
Broken buds- Apples, citrus, flowers
Texture: Good, dense buds break up well.. 

Appearance: Light green, orange hairs, some crystals, mid sized calyxes.. Smoke/Taste: ok. Light on flavor but at least not harsh..
High: Relaxing, with a bit of creativity.
THC 0.01% THCA 30.227% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.434% 

Dead Cherries - 3/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- sage, herbal notes

Broken- cherry, bit of pear..

Texture: good, breaks up nicely..

Appearance: Crystals, orange hairs, a bit of a purple hue..

Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, bit of fruit in the flavor profile..

High: Nice, pleasant..

THC 1.421% THCA 20.905% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.616%

Face Off OG - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grassy
Broken buds- broken buds have a soft berry note..
Texture: pretty good, balanced moisture level.
Appearance: Light green buds are frosty, with withered orange hairs & midsized calyxes.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, smooth.. A bit more flavor would be nice but at least it’s not harsh..
High: Thoughtful, relaxing

THC 0.37% THCA 24.62% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 

Granola Funk - 3.5/5 

Aroma: Opening container- Some pineapple.
Broken buds- a big fruit and sweet sugar note, bubblegum..
Texture: Great, breaks up nicely
Appearance: Light green compact buds, orange hairs, large calyxes, a shimmer at times
Smoke/Taste: hits pretty smooth, not a lot in the flavor profile but a bit of fruit comes through.
High: Mellow mood, good hand eye coordination (killing it with the typing right now!)
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.472% THCA 30.790% 

Lonestar - S. Dom. H  2.7/5  

Aroma: Opening container- light dust
Broken buds- a lemon start and then a great anise finish, wow..
Texture: on the dry side (ding to score..)
Appearance: bit of a rainbow look, nice, orange hairs, light green buds
Smoke/Taste: clean start, bit of a nick at the end.. low overall flavor profile.
High: ok, thoughtful..

THC 0.771% THCA 27.348% CBD 0% CBDA 0.356%

Mac – I - 3.9/5

Aroma: Opening container- soft fruit and flowers, a very slight baby powder note..
Broken buds- sweet, candy, bit of liquorish, plum, very pleasant.. a pronounced bubblegum note in the end of the bouquet…
Texture: tight growth, compact buds.
Appearance: crystals! Lots of tiny crystals.. gives it a light green look but there is actually a nice rainbow mix of green leaf, orange hairs & purple tipped small calyxes..
Smoke/Taste: clean, smooth, nice.. some fruit, grape notes.. Wish there was just a bit more to put this one over the top of the 4 mark..
High: Relaxing, mellow..

THC 0.01% THCA 26.670% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Mobb Boss -S. Dom. H - 2.92/5 

Aroma: Opening container- a bit veggie at first, then a sweet musk.. then a pleasant basil note..
Broken buds- big sugar cookie note, wonderful.
Texture: on the dry side
Appearance: Classic Grass Roots rainbow bud.. Mid green, orange hairs, some purple.
Smoke/Taste: sweet, like smoking a cookie..
High: Relaxing yet thoughtfully energizing.
THC 0.508% THCA 29.174% CBD 0% CBDA 0.798%

Ray Charles - I - 3/5


Aroma: Opening container- fruit, bright skunk, bit of kiwi & citrus, some funk, very nice.
Broken buds- the deeper funk comes out to play..
Texture: balanced on the dry side..
Appearance: rainbow appearance, looking good.
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, a savory note.
High: Thoughtfully creative with a bend towards relaxation & creativity 

THC 1.189% THCA 20.116% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Sherbet - H - 2.95/5

Aroma: Opening container- sugar, a touch of cotton candy

Broken buds- big fruit sweetness, some soft orange

Texture: great, been a while and its still good, breaks well, no dusting to bits & not too wet either. 

Appearance: a nice bit of a rainbow look, orange hairs, frosted nicely, light green buds with some slight purple notes..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, a soft fruit note, some sugar come through in the flavor profile. 

High: Chill, relaxing.. yet motivational. After finishing review, I was motivated to seed the lawn where tire tracks had created mud. Giving a .10 boost (originally 2.85, now 2.95)

THC 0.739% THCA 24.210% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.407% 

Triangle Kush - I - 2.7/5 

Aroma: Opening container- some funk up front, basil & other herbs, a bit of a sweet fruit note finish, mango
Broken buds- more of the same, with a dust like fruit note.
Texture: ok, bit on the dry side but not too much.
Appearance: just short of a rainbow look, mid green, orange hairs
Smoke/Taste: ok, a light flavor profile. A bit of the funk and basil comes through, it’s almost dinner like, savory.
High: Clear headed, relaxing..
THC 0.710% THCA 24.583% CBD 0% CBDA 0.832%

Wookies - I. Dom. H 2.85/5 

Aroma: Opening container- veggie funk
Broken buds- sweet fruity funky goodness
Texture: ok, on the dense side..
Appearance:bit of a rainbow, on the light green side..
Smoke/Taste: ok, bit light on flavor. Some funk. Pretty smooth.
High: Fun, relaxed
THC 0.557% THCA 26.436% CBD 0% CBDA 1.145%