Grassroots Concentrate Reviews


Ace’s High (Budder) - 4.5/5 

Aroma: citrus, a hint of maple.. pinch of dust.
Texture: classic budder
Appearance: light gold, opaque
Smoke/Taste: Great, The wonderful fresh breeze note, open forrest.. It’s wonderful.
High: The HILLS ARE ALIVE with the SOUND OF MUSIC… Very nice, an excitement fills me but its a calm one, like that would benefit a bike ride down a mountain.  

THC 3.770% THCA 67.440% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Birthday Cake (Sugar) - 4/5  

Aroma: A bit sweet..
Texture: Gel with a grit to it.
Appearance: Orange marmalade with a soft crystal grit.
Smoke/Taste: Bit of a mothball note.. Theres a sweetness too.
High: Mellow, chilling about now.

THC 3.120% THCA 73.815% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Blueberry Headband (Budder) - H - 3.999/5 

Aroma: Nice, fruit, pleasant dust..
Texture: like a thinner play doh..
Appearance: Chunked clump, with some pointed parts.. pale tan. Good consistent cold storage.
Smoke/Taste: smooth.. even though hit was HUGE !!! Very nice.
High: Chillinnnnn… nice and mellow..

THC 2.738% THCA 71.674% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Mob Boss - H - 4.20/5 

Aroma: a sweet ginger bread cookie aroma.. with a hint of citrus dust.
Texture: waxy with a grit to it.
Appearance: has a deep “wooden desk” look (as it is nearly camouflage on my wooden desk), with the thinner areas showing some translucency.
Smoke/Taste: tropical fruit notes permeate, mango at the front of the conga line.. Smooth hitting, very pleasant.
High: Relaxing, thoughtful, inspirational, wonderful. Out there now but not too far away. In the Goldilocks zone.. now goes from 4/5 to 4.20/5, a high honor. 

THC 2.884% THCA 77.024% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Mob Boss (Budder) - H - 4.20/5 

Aroma: a pleasent mango aroma.. some light funk, touch of dust with a pine finish. Very nice.
Texture: like solidified oil (butter.. ha), true to its name just more golden.
Appearance: Lays flat in the jar, puddled. Has an opacity to it. Light to mid gold (depending on the thickness..)
Smoke/Taste: Nice, full flavor, can be dabbed lower temp..
High: Quick on-set, relaxing, mellow time.. Feeling good.

THC 3.08% THCA 80.00% CBD 0.22% CBDA 0%

Mob Boss (Sugar) - H - 4/5 

Aroma: nice sweet note, almost BBQ like, savory…
Texture: a gritty gel..
Appearance: deep golden jelly holding tiny sparkling grit bits. Looks lovely.
Smoke/Taste: Nice, smooth for such a big one.. a light pine shines through.
High: Very relaxing, has a focus to it, its almost like a zen meditation thing. Feeling good.

THC 2.884% THCA 77.024% CBD 0% CBDA 0%