Review of Gold Leaf (ATARAXIA) Flower


Akorn Kush- Indica - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Open: dough, some sandalwood, some pine

Broken: peppery, spices, like Indian food in a good way

Texture: nice moisture level.. brakes up nice

Appearance: crystals, mid green, large calyxes w/ withered orange hairs

Smoke/Taste: good taste, a hint of harsh near the end of exhale.

High: nice, feeling mellow, bit sleepy, defiantly an indicia

CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.5% THCA 23%

ACDC- (CBD) - 2.2/5 

Aroma: Open: nice sweet citrus, apple note, a berry note.

Broken: big floral aroma with fruit..

Texture: semi dry sponge, not too dry & not moist either. , good moisture level (its about time...had a dry run)

Appearance: mid green, some crystals, mid sized calyxes.. very withered small light orange hairs.

Smoke/Taste: ok, mild, some harshness...

High: mellow, not a classic weed high due to the absence of THC, but the CBD does calm the mind..

CBD 3.57% CBDA 21.13% THC 0% THCA 0.93%

Banana OG - 2.05/5 

Aroma: Opening container- grassy
Broken buds- bit grassy, tiny dust..
Texture: dry!
Appearance: mid green buds have large horned calyxes
Smoke/Taste: like a campfire..
High: mhhh, its just ok
CBD 0% CBDA 0.87% THC 0.49% THCA 28.5% 

Blue  Dream 2.5/5 - H 

Aroma: Kind of a carrot like aroma, bright green in  appearance, hairs are kind of large, swollen, not yet withered (sign of  immaturity). Clean smoke, not harsh but not great either, neutral.

Bruce  Banner #3 2.5/5 - H 

Floral aroma, some of the buds (1) are purple,  the rest light green with purple veins in places. Flavor is similar,  smooth but no big deal... No purple taste. THC 0.06% THCA 10.19% CBD  & CBDA 0%

Corleone Kush - I - 4/5 !

Aroma:  Opening: Skunky, Fruity, Good Breaking Bud: deep fruit, funk note,,  black licorice in the back, Candy like sweetness, very nice

Texture: Perfect, just the right balance of dry & moist.

Appearance: Light green, LOTS of Crystals!, could them before removing bud from packaging.., stuck to side.

Smoke/Taste: Sweet, plenty of flavor comes through & yet its actually still smooth.

High:  OOhhh yes, smooth as silk, came over me like a velvet cloth & even  loud disturbances are like "whatever...". Awesome! And gives me  niceness, empathy.. A great indica.

Chemdawg 91 - Sativa dom. H - 2.5/5

Aroma: Grape like, touch of grass, broken: hoppy note.

Texture: ok

Appearance: Small light green buds, swollen calyxes, withered & sparse hairs

Smoke/Taste: ok, no wow factor, bit harsh note in the end..

High: very nice, quick onset (upped score as a result)

Don’s Ghost - 2.25/5 – S Dom. H 

Aroma: Opening container- caramel, cocoanut, maple syrup..
Broken buds- lime, pine, nice..
Texture: good, balanced
Appearance: most buds are a bit purple, with one greener. Bit of a rainbow look.. mid sized calyxes, orange hairs.
Smoke/Taste: mhhh, a let down from the look and aroma.. a bit musky, an off taste
High: Ok, a bit thoughtful but not good enough to justify the so-so flavor profile.. raised the score from 2.1
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.442% THCA 26.334% 

East Coast Sour Diesel 3.25/5 - S 

Aroma: citrus aroma, lime with cilantro. Citrus taste, nice, relatively smooth.

East  Coast Sour Diesel - S - 3.25/5- (2nd review, Nov. 2016) 

Aroma: Open:  very nice, big fruit aroma, some funk, some dusty note in there.. Pine..  Broken: nice big grapey, purple anise notes..

Texture: firm yet semi dry sponge like feel, breaks up well. 

Appearance: light green, crystals, swollen calyxes, thin orange hairs, a beauty

Smoke/Taste: nice flavor, big in the finish, but a very slight hint of harsh mid way through the hit.. (3.75 if smoother..)

High: Nice, feeling happy..

G6 - 3/5 

Nice taste & smell but a little harsh, possibly from over-dried

G6 (detailed review) - S. dom. H - 3.5/5 

Aroma: Open: skunk, mothball, hint of fruit.. Broken: big mothball note with some funk..

Texture: perfect, soft yet breaks up great...

Appearance: large calyxes, light green with a few purple hued calyxes, crystals, very withered orange hairs.. 

Smoke/Taste: smooth smoke, nice flavor, the funk & fruit come through...

High: Nice productive high.. CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.83% THCA 25.79%

G Wagon - 2.3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container-A sweet dust note.. An orange cream soda note..
Broken buds- More of the above.
Texture: good, balanced moisture level, has a density to it.
Appearance: Buds range from a light green to a purple hues one with a few in-between.. Some small crystals shimmer, hairs are withered and hard to find.mid to large sized calyxes..
Smoke/Taste: Ok.. For $70 an 1/8, frankly its a bit disappointing. Some of the aroma profile transferred to the flavor but not enough. Also, there was a bit of a harsh note when passing over the throat, indicating a possible rushed flush.
High: Thoughtful, analytical.

THC 0.670% THCA 18.130% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%  

Gelato - Indica dom. H - 3.75/5 

(3.25/5 2nd review)(back to 3.75/5 on a 3rd review..)

Aroma:  Open: Sweet, Cream, vanilla Broken: Citrus burst, then b.o. funk, some  mothball. (2nd wasn't as aromatic, but it was similar)

Texture: good mix of moist & dry.

Appearance: Built up buds, not too tight but solid, nice crystals, lots. (2nd batch had purple notes)

Smoke/Taste: Nice flavor, mostly smooth. Sweet smoke, some funkiness...

High: Cloaking, smooth, very nice & fast onset... Feel like I'm floating, very good.

THC 0.99% THCA 27.69% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

another had these #s: THC 0.35% THCA 26.7% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

THC 0.71% THCA 24.52% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Ghost Train Haze 2/5 - S 

Aroma: Sweet, soft lime, broken buds are not much more aromatic, more citrus. 

Texture: Spongy, not fully dry. 

Appearance: Small medium green buds

Smoke: ok, very slight harshness.

High: Light + daytime, motivating

Ghost Train Haze (2nd review) - 2.2/5

Aroma: Opening container-nice complex herbal aroma with some funk..

Broken- ­nice, sweet citrus..

Texture: good, breaks up nice, not dry.

Appearance: light green, openish, orange hairs, some crystals.. sativa lightness (not dense, but also not exactly airy).

Smoke/Taste:  man... I want to like it but the harshness I wrote about is apparent  here too. it wasn't a one off, it is a thing.. harsh. big hit to score.

High: ok, uplifting. THC .53% THCA 24.22% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Grand Doggy Purps - I - 2.5/5 

Aroma: Opening: faint citrus Breaking Bud: Dryer sheets, floral, perfume

Texture: good, breaks up well.

Appearance:  Light to medium green (not purple) mid-large-ish sized buds, very  crystal laden, long orange hairs & small but swollen calyxes.. 

Smoke/Taste: not very flavorful, citrus maybe

High: yawn inducing..., made me sensitive to sound about 10 seconds after hitting....

Green Crack - S - 2.4/5 

Aroma: Open: citrus, floral Broken: pine, citrus, hint of funk.. not a lot of aroma overall.

Texture: dense buds are slightly over dry, break up ok but it dusts apart a bit..

Appearance: light to mid green, crystals, some chunk sativa horns, withered orange hairs, small to mid sized calyxes..

Smoke/Taste: smooth smoke, floral taste, hint of anise in background.. 

High: Nice clean high with a touch of light fuzziness.. CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.88% THCA 24.38%

Harle-Tsu- H - 3.25/5

Aroma: Open: Beer, mothball, citrus, cinnamon Broken: light citrus, hoppy, piney

Texture: soft but breaks, spongy

Appearance: crystals, light green, large calyxes, very withered hairs..

Smoke/Taste: smooth!, nice pine, soft citrus flavor... added to the score.

High: great mix of 2/3 CBD & 1/3 THC..

Jack Herer - 3.4/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- Nice floral aroma, more then most and not in a generic way, freshly picked..
Broken buds- Fresh breeze note, very pleasant.
Texture: Wonderful, balanced well.
Appearance: Light green buds have a slightly loose growth structure, indicative of their sativa dominate lineage. Mid to large calyxes have withered orange pistils emerging.
Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, a nice woody note..
High: Clean high with some energy behind it.

THC 0.528% THCA 29.884% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Mag 91 - 2.7/5 – I. dom. H. 

Aroma: Opening container- soft fruit note.. faint dust.

Broken buds- a bubblegum sugar aroma
Texture:breaks up nice, good moisture level
Appearance: light green, some crystals, mid sized calyxes, not many hairs at all.

Smoke/Taste: pretty smooth up front, bit less in the finish. Clean enough hit, not much flavor, bit of fruit.

High: Relaxing, mellow and contemplative.
THC 0.01% THCA 30.142% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.248% 

Mag Mile 4/5 - I 

Aroma: BO funk with a sharp sourness, broken buds have a great sweet onion note, with some grape, purple notes. 

Texture: Tight yet full + soft buds good level of dryness yet not overly dried out.

Appearance: nice crystals light green buds with purple tips & sections

Smoke: Soft & smooth, nice flavor, anise, purple drank-is...

High: Goooooood... Quick onset.. man, I'm high as f***, heavy like a fog came over me.

Only for night time smoking, pre bed time..

THC 0.35% THCA 25.31% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

Mag  Mile  2.4/5  I  (2nd & 3rd reviews)

Higher if not over dry.. (additional reviews) Had 2 more  1/8ths of it, (THC 0.56% THCA 28.64% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.61%), both were  dry but with nice aroma & good appearance.. 

Monster Cookies 2.5/5 - I 

Aroma: Grassy when container opened, touch of sweet, broken buds are not very aromatic.

Appearance: Crystals, small green buds w/ some orange hairs.

Texture: Good, dry but not too much, but not soft either.

Smoke: Ok taste, nothing outstanding, not harsh smooth High: Ok, mellow high

NOG Critical (Seasonal Strain) - 2.55/5 

Aroma: Opening container-dust, citrus, mango..
Broken buds- citrus, pine, spice.. nice.
Texture: ok, touch on the dry side but its been a bit since initial harvest date on package..
Appearance: Reddish, light green, very small crystal heads in places..
Smoke/Taste: ok, a champagne note..
High: Mellow mood..
THC 0.71% THCA 25.18% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.39%

Papaya (S40/I60) –I. Dom. - 2.8/5 

Aroma: Open: Great tropical fruit aroma, like a fruit salad.. Broken: a tropical hoppy, pineapple, sweet citrus.. bit of dust..
Texture: good, nice levels..
Appearance: Light green buds are small and a bit on the compact side, but that may be from the envolope style packaging..
Smoke/Taste: ok, wish more tropical fruit came through..
High: Pleasant.. chiller.. 

CBD 0% CBDA 0.69% THC 0.01% THCA 23.05%

Paris - I - 3/5

Aroma: Opening: Herbal, floral, hint of funk Breaking Bud: not much aroma different from smelling unbroken, floral.

Texture: good mix of moist & dry.

Appearance:  Crystals, Large swollen calyxes, withered orange hairs, middle sized  rounded yet slightly horned buds light to middle green.

Smoke/Taste: smooth, some funk, nice, better then expected

High:  Good, soft, mellow mood & eye lid dropping, classic indica  stoniness. but warning, its couch lock type, bad for motivation. I was  all ready to finish seasoning the taco meat I made but now could care  less. This would be good if I was all high strung & upset &  needed to relax, but bad if one has things to do.

Persian Purps (Iranian Landrace, Private Stock) - 2.8/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- spicy, a sweet funk..
Broken buds- a bit of funk, some fruit
Texture: pretty good, breaks up well.
Appearance: crystals, compact growth structure, small calyxes, withered orange hairs, a bit of a purple hue..
Smoke/Taste: pretty clean, smooth, not big on the flavor profile, some light fruit.
High: Nice, thoughtful, relaxing.
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.01% THCA 25.548%

Phantom Mile – 2.7/5 – S. Dom.

Aroma: Opening container- barnyard, some funk, hint of mothball
Broken buds- nice pine, herbal aroma..
Texture: ok, bit on the dry side..
Appearance: nice crystals, small calyxes, very small orange hairs, shades of pale green with
hints of purple..
Smoke/Taste: ok, clean, bit of pine
High: Chill with a motivated note... nice.
THC 0.684% THCA 27.111% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.897%

Purple Punch - 2.9/5 - I 

Aroma: Opening container- sweet fruit, purple gatorade, light dust note, nice and clean

Broken buds- clean, fruit..

Texture: ok, could use a touch of moisture.

Appearance: crystals!, purple leaf tips, orange hairs, light green mid sized calyxes, a rainbow look, beautiful.

Smoke/Taste: ok, relatively smooth, light on flavor (higher score if more to it).

High: mellow, clean, not foggy..

THC 0.01% THCA 26.31% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.86%

Purple Punch - 4/5 – I (2nd Review) 

Aroma: Opening container-grapes, purple candy, skittles  Broken buds- more fruit, bit of a soft funk.  Texture: Great! Perfectly balanced.  Appearance: Beautiful rainbow colored buds … Lots of crystals, orange hairs, purple leaves  Smoke/Taste: Pulls well, a resinous hit.. some light anise, berry…  High: Nice, fun, productive and focused..  THC 0.01% THCA 27.490% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.488% 

Purple Urkle - I - 4/5 

Aroma:  Open: berry, purple drank, sweet grape cough syrup, dusty note Broken:  awesome, more of all the same, so nice, big candy sweetness.. great  aroma, pleasant.

Texture: perfect, nice & soft, yet breaks up perfect.

Appearance: purple buds with occasional mid green leaves.. Crystals, orange hairs, purple midsized calyxes, beautiful..

Smoke/Taste: smooth yet flavorful, great light sweet berry/grape flavor, can taste it nice in the after breath...

High: Very nice, mellow mood... CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.52% THCA 13.87% 

Strawberry Banana - 2.9/5 – I. dom. H 

Aroma: Opening container- a nice bit of funk, some soft herbs, hint of fruit

Broken buds-nice, big bubblegum note, beautiful
Texture: Good, breaks up nicely
Appearance: light green buds with big calyxes, nice crystals and very withered hairs.

Smoke/Taste: prep clean, bit rough in the mid and finish.
High: Nice, thoughtful
THC 0.61% THCA 28.99% CBD 0% & CBDA 1.55%

Sunny D - 3/5 

Aroma: Open: Nice citrus Broken: Very big citrus aroma (like the drink), and almost hoppy & IPA like..
Texture: Breaks up great, nice balanced texture.
Smoke/Taste: Taste is citrus as well, pleasant
High: Productive, motivated high..
CBD 0% CBDA 0.82% THC 0.59% THCA 25.29% 

Super Glue (Seasonal Strain) – 2.5/5 – I. dom. H. 

Aroma:  bit of dust...
Broken buds- a sweet aroma, candy, sugar..
Texture: great, sponge-y yet breaks up wonderfully..
Appearance: light green, small shiny crystal heads, mid sized calyxes
Smoke/Taste: mild, smooth, some fruit comes through..
High: Thoughtful, bit sleepy..
THC 0.602% THCA 29.729% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.921%

Thai Lights (Seasonal Strain)- 2.7/5 (higher if not as dry) 

Aroma: Opening container- nice dust and some light pine
Broken buds- big wonderful herbal, dusty with a bit of funk..
Texture: Too dry, dust apart..
Appearance: light green, orange hairs, crystals.
Smoke/Taste: ok, wish more was there. Some nice fruity dust comes through, wish it had a better moisture level, as that might help the flavor profile.
High: Happy, chillin, yet productive.
CBD 0% CBDA 0.982% THC 0.01% THCA 29.669% 

White  Harmony- 3/5 

Aroma: Great fruity aroma, pineapples, apricot, some  forest notes, broken: Big citrus note, pine.. Very pleasant!

Texture: Perfect texture, dryness level & moisture amount have a great ratio. Buds are soft but break up easy.

Appearance: Light green with withered orange hairs, horny yet full buds (perfect 50/50 look), some crystals, semi tight buds...

Smoke/taste: nice piney/citrus taste but some harshness in the finish..

High: Light - good high, great 1:1 ratio

THC 0.43% THCA 10.98% CBD 0% & CBDA 12.06%