Banana OG True Budder 2.9/5 

Aroma: a sweet anise note. , banana bread. 

Texture: slightly wet ear wax..
Appearance: like melty caramel
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, a bit rough on the back end.. It has a nice fruit note.

High: Relaxing, induces appetite
THC 16.603% THCA 69.062% CBD 0.00% & CBDA 2.889% 

Chemdawg 91 Sunrock Shatter - 3.9 /5 

Aroma: a bride floral and fruit note., with a hint of fuel, lots of fun in there.. a 2nd & 3rd revisit is wonderful. Big aroma overall & its very nice.
Texture: not very “shatter’ like, a bit of a goo to it.
Appearance: golden clump of love with some pale rift edges. The most dense part is a deep orange, next to that its blond with a shimmer.
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, flavorful as well.., bit of a nose tickle..
High: Mellowing, thoughtful, chiller times 10.

THC 3.189% THCA 70.919% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Don’s Ghost Sunrock Shatter - S dom. H - 2.4/5 

Aroma: minimal, hint of a faint of sugar, but basically odorless.
Texture: breaks after just a bit of bending pressure, but could be very slowly bent if careful.
Appearance: translucent not uniform, there are some little lines & wiggles (a bit odd), deep gold to orange, glossy on one side (the side not touching the paper.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, get some spa like flavors on the exhale, some fruit, pine
High: Two and I’m through.. WOOHOO! A bit on the foggy side for a sativa, so don’t look to this one for a jolt of energy, a nice evening sativa dominate hybrid.

THC 2.950% THCA 72.085% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

G6 (Sunrock Shatter) - 4/5 

Aroma: some pine,
Texture: a bit of a goo to it for a shatter.
Appearance: translucent, a bit cloudy, looks like the wisps from handmade parchment paper..
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, some citrus comes out on the exhale.
High: Clocking, mellow, relaxing yet motivational, decided to write a review (this one) and I had no intention of writing one, was just photographing… So that’s a big plus. Upped score by 1 full point.

THC 3.280% THCA 67.872% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Gelato True Budder 3.9/5  

Aroma: earthy, a chicken noodle soup thing happening…
Texture: gooey caramel (1 time!!)…
Appearance: gooey caramel (2 times!!).. deep orange with a golden tint.
Smoke/Taste: so clean, so smooth, a wonderful pine plus fruit equals great.
High: so nicely high. California here I am, and I’m a 1/2 ocean away.
THC 6.00% THCA 78.17% CBD 0% & CBDA 2.42% 

Gold Leaf Authentic Native Extracts 1000MG Raw Wax

(made from organically grown East Coast Sour Diesel)  - 4/5  

Aroma: fruity & herbal, very clean.. nice, hint of mothball 

Texture: gritty, like caked dried sand

Appearance: very light tan, bright gold look

Smoke/Taste: citrus, hint of classic hashy note, very smooth

High: THC 5.85% THCA 83.11% CBD 0.27% CBDA 0.14%

Gold Leaf Authentic Native Extracts 1000MG Raw Wax

(made from organically grown G6) - 4/5  

Aroma: sweet, butter/olive oil note...

Texture: gritty, like caked dried sand

Appearance: very light tan, bright gold look

Smoke/Taste: SMOOTH, a light flavor of very clean cannabis flower, very nice

High: good clarity, not foggy but still defiantly high...

THC 3.44% THCA 91.27% CBD 0.34% CBDA 0.18%

Gold Leaf Authentic Native Extracts 1000MG Sunrock Shatter

(made from organically grown Gelato) - 4.20/5  

Aroma: light sweet aroma, minimal (likely due to the more solid, dense nature of shatter..).

Texture: solid, bends a bit, then breaks & shatters like glass.. perfect shatter style. like a frozen Charleston chew..

Appearance: like a little golden glass rock... transparent, clumped together..

Smoke/Taste: very awesome, great fruit flavor, smooth velvet hit..

High: wonderful... a great smoothness came across me, yet not sleepy, a little foggy. high as a mug, for real. for real.

THC 1.19% THCA 87.20% CBD 0.34% CBDA 0.11%

Gold Leaf Authentic Native Extracts 1000MG Sunrock Shatter

(made from organically grown Grand Doggy Purps) – 3.95/5 

Aroma: light sweet aroma, minimal..

Texture: solid, bends a bit, then breaks, classic shatter.

Appearance: like a little golden glass rock... transparent, one solif piece, like a brite golden jolly rancher.

Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, smooth, nice

High: nice, motivating in a relaxing way..

THC 9.23% THCA 59.51% CBD 1.34% CBDA 16.27%

Jack Herer Sunrock Shatter - S - 4.6/5 

Aroma: light floral, some citrus
Texture: brittle when broken fast, but when manipulated slowly, it has a pliability.
Appearance: translucent, bit of a shimmer, deep golden
Smoke/Taste: a nice soft experience, like vaporizing great flower, very pleasant.
High: Creative, fun, happy.. good shit right here.

THC 5.815% THCA 71.064% CBD 0% CBDA 3.412%

Jugrnaut Diesel - I - 3.95/5 

Aroma: bit of mothball, bit of lime, vegetal…
Texture: like a whipped honey
Appearance: opaque, a bit tan-green (bit of plant material in there maybe?), has a gloss to it.
Smoke/Taste: a bit floral in the taste with a nice almost caramel flavor note that’s quite pleasant, raised score as a result….
High: Ok, mellow.. Relaxing.

THC 4.21% THCA 81.3% CBD 0.32% CBDA 0.18%

Mag 91 (raw wax) - H - 3/5 

Aroma: soft kiwi
Texture: like candle wax but a bit softer..
Appearance: beautifully shimmering with crystals… deep golden, opaque, an ear wax look, but like blinged out ear wax..
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, expansive, bit rough in the finish but took a massive hit….
High: as a mug! Wow, quick onset. Did take a biggie though.

THC 4.783% THCA 82.323% CBD 0% CBDA 2.241%

Mag Landrace (Raw Wax) - I - 3.9/5 

Aroma: a nice sweetness, some sugary citrus comes through..
Texture: slightly dried out play doh
Appearance: shiny with crystals, light golden with some lighter areas,
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, bit of a mothball note, wish it was a bit more like the flavor profile of the flower sample reviewed previously..
High: A bit light, not heavy and cloaking, more just like a bike ride af the head.., there’s a nice euphoria.

THC 5.256% THCA 75.20% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Purple Punch (Raw Wax)- I - 3.9/5 

Aroma: light, clean breeze, a bit of a soap like aroma, light perfume note.. a bit of dust in there, very pleasant, just want to keep smelling it!
Texture: like a bit of a lightly dried out play-duh..
Appearance: Light golden, bit of sparkles, opaque
Smoke/Taste: Very clean, pretty smooth, a bit of a floral flavor profile
High: Nice, relaxing, not an instant eye lid dropper like some concentrates..

THC 3.718% THCA 84.267% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Solventless THCa - 4.2/5 

Aroma: not much at all, very faint soft dust..
Texture: Like a dried out triangle puck of compacted dry sand, breaks apart in solid pieces.
Appearance: very light tan, almost white..
Smoke/Taste: super clean, neutral taste..
High: Very nice, clean, clear, fun, thoughtful but not overly (as can happen with intense sativa.. Very nice.

THC 0.01% THCA 96.605% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

Strawberry Banana Sunrock Shatter 4/5   

Aroma: light fruit..
Texture: classic shatter, breaks nicely and handles well... not to “shattery”. 

Appearance: translucent, golden, broken areas are glossy there cracked.. 

Smoke/Taste: nice, hits clean.. a floral note, with a fruit basket, the strawberry and banana are both there, with a touch of kiwi.... flowed by more flowers in the after breath.. nice.
High: Great, motivated.. Dabbed it earlier and got my whole to do list done!.
THC 2.443% THCA 78.877% CBD 0.00% & CBDA 3.553% 

Sweet Dreams Sunrock Shatter - I dom. H - 2.38/5 

Aroma: very light hint of candy corn…
Texture: looks broken up a little, biggest piece is like a small pea, & a bunch of small clumped up bits
Appearance: Has a pretty look, like gems.. deep orange, very shiny, like facets of a diamond.. Beautiful.
Smoke/Taste: Ok up front, starts clean but the finish is a bit rough.. harsh on the throat..
High: Pretty chill, relaxing. Wish it was smoother. 

THC 2.257% THCA 74.241% CBD 0% CBDA 0%