Review of Bedford Grow Flower

Bedford grow photo

BG Bedford Blue Dream - 2.8/5 - S  

Aroma: Opening container- floral, bit of dust

Broken buds- fruity, floral, relatively light

Texture: breaks up well, nice moisture balence..

Appearance: some crystals, bit of a rainbow look with light green leaves, orange hairs and staked calyxes with a bit of a purple hue..

Smoke/Taste: mainly smooth, bit of rough near end of hit.. not lots of flavor, bit of floral comes through. made room smell nice, but i wish more flavor came through when smoked.

High: Good, uplifting.. Ready to tackle the task list, so use this one when motivation is needed & avoid near bedtime.  THC 0.66% THCA 19.23% CBD 0.17% & CBDA 0%

BG Bedford Glue - 3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- citrus, light herb, pinch of dust…

Broken buds- More citrus, more dust..

Texture: Great!! Love the sealed tops that BG has been doing.. 

Appearance: big calyxes, light green, orange hairs, crystals..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, clean, bit of citrus & a bbq note (small at the end)..

High: nice, fun, light minded… Smile face..

THC 0.86% THCA 22.20% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

BG Blackout – 3.75/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- Soft pine, some dust and citrus.. Very nice.

Note: It was somehow very difficult to open & not from the packaging, as I just opened a similar one (BG Chemnesia, both 1/8ths). Possible this was due to the sealed top, which is nice for moisture retention but hopefully the adhesive is staying where it is supposed to go.

Broken buds- sweet candygrape, anise, very nice!

Texture: good, balanced..

Appearance: purple budsmid sized calyxes, orange hairs, crystals.. nice.

Smoke/Taste: smooth! Nice for purple buds, often they run harsh.. a nice bit of dust comes through, some fruit..

High: Chi-chi-chi-chillinnnn’ & feeling nice…

THC 0.67% THCA 22.50% CBD 0.13% & CBDA 0%

BG Chemnesia – 3.75/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- very nice dust, pine

Broken buds- a tropical attic, in the best possible way.. wonderful, like the Texada Timewarp C had back in the day..

Texture: great, breaks up nicely. Great balance..

Appearance: light to mid green, crystals, orange hairs, large calyxes…

Smoke/Taste: smooth, bit of dust.. wish there was more of the aroma in the flavor, but still nice..

High: great. Motivated, focused like a laser..

THC 0.59% THCA 21.89% CBD 0.12% & CBDA 0%

BG Ghost of the Mujahideen - 3/5 – I 

Aroma: Opening container- nice dust note..
Broken buds- great mango note, tropical fruit and the accompanying breeze.. nice.
Texture: good, balanced.
Appearance: nice rainbow look, some purple calyxes with orange hairs and a nice crystal coating.
Smoke/Taste: ok, pretty smooth, wish more of the aroma was in the flavor profile.
High: Creative, mellow, euphoric 

THC 1.03% THCA 22.76% CBD 0% CBDA 0%

BG Higgs Boson- 2.9/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- fresh cut grass
Broken buds- floral..
Texture: Great, nicely balanced moisture level..
Appearance: light to mid green buds, orange hairs, mid sized calyxes..
Smoke/Taste: pretty smooth, hits relatively clean.. a bit light on flavor.
High: Relaxing.. a bit thoughtful yet possibly stupefying (figure that one out…)
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.60% THCA 19.89%

BG Kachook - 3/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- pineapple

Broken buds- touch of funk

Texture: good, nice balance

Appearance: light green ti purple leaves, long orange hairs, great crystals, giving it an overall rainbow look..

Smoke/Taste: smooth, would be great if more was there..

High: good, relaxing yet still rocking, not sleepy at all, a nice sativa.

THC 1.28% THCA 21.87% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

BG Money’s Pug Life - 2.95/5 – S

Aroma: Opening container- floral note, grassy..
Broken buds- tropical fruit, a cotton candy note..
Texture: Great, nicely balanced.
Appearance: Pretty buds are light green with orange hairs, horned (indicative of its sativa background). The occasional crystal shimmers in the light.
Smoke/Taste: Hits pretty clean, wishing for more of that tropical fruit..
High: Thoughtful, motivated, yet relaxed..

THC 0.59% THCA 18.97% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 

BG Purple Wolf - 3/5 – H 

Aroma: Opening container- a bit sweet like butterscotch, touch of dust, a bit of an outdoor forrest note.
Broken buds- a pleasant fruit note, a light grape note..
Texture: good, nice moisture level.
Appearance: Light green buds look nice, orange hairs, hint of a purple hue..
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, smooth smoke
High: Relaxing, thoughtful..
CBD 0% CBDA 0% THC 0.53% THCA 26.94%

BG Waltz Haze - 3.3/5 – S 

Aroma: Opening container- a bit of dust, a cool cucumber note, key lime..
Broken buds- floral, a bit of tropical fruit.
Texture: Good, balanced.
Appearance: good looking buds, they don’t look tumbled or roughly trimmed like a lot of buds often do. Small calyxes, light green buds, orange hairs
Smoke/Taste: clean hitting, some fruit and a bit of dust come through, pretty good.
High: Fun, relaxing, smiles for miles.
CBD 0% CBDA 0.10% THC 0.88% THCA 25.31%