BG Hybrid Rosin (BG Tigers Eye) - H - 2.9/5 

Aroma: Bit of a vegetal aroma, lightly herbal.
Texture: Like a less stringy silly puddy.
Appearance: A bit of an olive green look, opaque
Smoke/Taste: Pretty smooth, a bit peppery in the finish.
High: Thoughtful, relaxing, enables the letting go of stressful thoughts. Was a bit stressed earlier and could care less now. Good, as that was what I was hoping for. Helped the score, the green look of it had me expecting a worse outcome.

THC 6.12% THCA 76.75% CBD 0.31% CBDA 0.21%

BG Rosin Custom Blend - 3.8/5 - H  

Aroma: light, clean, seems like the buds this came from had a dusty note in the aroma, as there is a touch here...

Texture: brittle, breaks (flys apart really) into small pieces (almost went in eye when scooping for a dab)..

Appearance: thin transparent light brown layers of brittle rosin, like a thin shatter..

Smoke/Taste: hits smooth, clean finish, very nice... bit of soft fruit in the flavor profile..

High: Insta high!, as I was exhaling the dab I felt the "high" blanket over my head like the panty hose of a 70's bank robber.. a fun high too, had fun with family, everything was fun.. increased from 3.5 to 3.8 as a result.. THC 6.70% THCA 77.50% CBD 0.29% & CBDA 0