Sour Kush (Shatter) - 3.9/5 - H

Sour Kush (Shatter) - 3.9/5 - H

Aroma: light herbal note
Texture: a less brittle shatter, breaks, but not into more than one or two pieces (ideal in my opinion).
Appearance: transparent, a glossy amber. Looks like the Jurassic Park amber mosquito, but this is even better then dino dna, because of several reasons: 1. No one gets hurt… 2. Everyone gets high  3. Fun is had by all.
Smoke/Taste: Clean hitting, a hint of perfume followed by a clean and savory finish, a la the Revolution Jugrnaut Diesel 
High: Great, thoughtful, like a detective up in here… Solved the mystery of the spelling of Jugrnaut Diesel (since spell check says no, but Revolution says yes, so they win)!!

THC 3.06% THCA 81.70% CBD 0.36% CBDA 0%

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