Savory Pretzel Nugs  - 4.20/5
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Savory Pretzel Nugs - 4.20/5

Aroma: a nice aromatic profile, spices, some basil, hint of thyme & rosemary, maybe a light bit of onion 7 hint of garlic, very nice. Its like the aromas of a very nice authentic pizzeria.
Texture: Like a classic pretzel nugget, a bit less tough then some of the commercial food variety. Very good.
Appearance: Like standard pretzel nugs, with lots of nice herbs on them.
Taste: Amazing!!! They are super good. They really are. Its Like a buttery herbal surprise of greatness. Like a wonderful garlic bread at that same little mom and pop pizzeria. I was hesitant to try them because some savory cannabis edibles can leave much to be desired, but these ARE WONDERFUL!! Just want to keep munching them! Ok, time to put them away.. One more. Ok, back in the fridge. Last one… These things are dangerous(ly good)..   
High: Very nice, relaxed yet creative. 50mg THC,  0% CBD, 0% CBN, 0% CBDA & 0%  THCA

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