Red Line Haze - 3.5/5 – S
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Red Line Haze - 3.5/5 – S

Aroma: Opening container- Nice dust note with some mango, funk.
Broken buds- More of the same, with a berry and a bit of star anise, reminds me a bit of the Flo (Rest In Power dear friend..).
Texture: Ok, bit on the dry side..
Appearance: One large bud (and its stem on the bottom, which is unnecessary), bud is mid green with a bit of a purple hue in some areas.., Good crystal formation, easily visible. Swollen calyxes have no hairs on top, may have been harvested a bit late (guess its a bit better then too early when less cannabinoids have formed..).
Smoke/Taste: Nice upfront floral note. Could be a bit smoother in the finish..
High: Positive, smiles..

THC 0.87% THCA 22.86% CBD 0% & CBDA 0% 

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