Purple Haze (Budder) - H - 4.20/5

Purple Haze (Budder) - H - 4.20/5

Aroma: Has a bright tropical fruit aroma, pineapple.. A pleasant fresh breeze note.
Texture: Classic budder, a bit of resistance when cut into with a dab tool, but not much.
Appearance: A bit between matte and gloss, it has a semi gloss look to it. Opaque and mid tan, leaning towards the lighter green side.
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth, nice flavorful hit, some berry, a grape like note.. sweet finish, like a sugar cookie.
High: Engaging, motivated, didn’t even plan on writing a review but just went for it, powered by the purple, but not in a haze. 

THC 5.80% THCA 77.55% CBD 0.23% CBDA 0.37%

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