PTS Pomegranate Açai Tonic - 3.85/5
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PTS Pomegranate Açai Tonic - 3.85/5

Aroma: Fruity, berry

Texture: Its a drink, similar to gatorade..

Appearance: Light, looks a bit like a bright, natural apple juice that’s been filtered. Cloudy.
Taste: Great, the cannabis can be lightly tasted on the back end after swallowing. The açaí is more prevalent then the pomegranate, leading to a flavor profile that skews a bit overly sweet. More of the tart pom would balance it out (dinged the score a bit..).
High: Fun, happy, productive, thoughtful.. Adding this bit about an hour later and the high is wonderful. Went on a nice walk and now doing a backyard fire with music & reading. Very nice. Brings score up. (Was at 3.2/5)

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