Orange Bubble Honey (Crumble) - H - 3.99/5

Orange Bubble Honey (Crumble) - H - 3.99/5

Aroma: Light, bright citrus onset, hint of dust, with a floral finish.
Texture: Breaks up like a candle wax on the slightly brittle side.
Appearance: Has a khaki look to it, flat, matte..
Smoke/Taste: Hits smooth and clean, like a ninja… A bit more of the aromatic profile showing up here would be beneficial, but regardless, the ease of hit is a positive. Just a bit more flavor would put it over the 4/5 mark.
High: Pleasant and productive, no paranoia and yet no sleepiness makes this an ideal hybrid. Very nice. This is the reason for the high score.

THC 1.98% THCA 83.50% CBD 0.37% CBDA 0%

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