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Lava Cake (Live Resin Budder) - H - 4.20/5

Aroma: A brite dust, citrus in the attic, hint of mothball.
Texture: a slightly dense gritty mound of matte, tan crystal.
Appearance: Clumped tan crystal mound, opaque, occasional shimmer.
Smoke/Taste: very nice, bright smooth, sweet Florida orange. Hits very clean, only a hint of a nose tickle. Like a citrus grove ninja in the night. Very nice.
High: If the above “Smoke/Taste” section is any indication, take note, as this is a heady high. Creative at the onset, I am just flying on the keyboard trying to keep up with my thoughts and some how I am able to do so. I suddenly have the keyboard memorized. Very functional high and great fr computer work. I officially love Lava Cake, It gets the illbuds.com 4.20 Seal of Approval!

THC 1.83% THCA 85.5% CBD 0.44% CBDA 0%

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