Island Sweet Skunk- S - 2.85/5
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Island Sweet Skunk- S - 2.85/5

Aroma: Open: floral, grassy, some sandalwood hint in 

the background Broken: big floral note with some sweetness, light sour green apple note.
Texture: nice, dry yet not over dry, light structure (not dense) yet full, not thin like some sativa. 

Appearance: crystals, small orange hairs, mid sized calyxes, light to mid green buds Smoke/Taste: nice, smooth, not huge on flavor but what subtle notes do come through are nice.. floral, some slight citrus..
High: felt fast on eye lids, high vision is in effect.. 

THC .90% THCA 19.58% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%
note: got another 1/8 for 4/20/2017 & this review is still accurate for the subsequent sample..

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