Double Dawg (Rosin) - H - 4.15/5

Double Dawg (Rosin) - H - 4.15/5

Aroma: bright floral note, some dust..
Texture: Classic rosin, like a semisoft taffy or a caramel.
Appearance: opaque, light tan, matte
Smoke/Taste: hits clean with that sweet rosin finish. Breathing out through the nose reveals a sweet caramel aftertaste for a few breaths post hit, making for a nice reminder of the best part of the flavor profile.
High: thoughtful, fun, creative.. Reviewing comes with ease, which is good because I’m a bit behind with a lot to do. Very nice to find a good motivator dab & this fits the bill nicely.

THC 6.14% THCA 74.67% CBD 0.34% CBDA 0%

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