Casey Jones - 2.7/5
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Casey Jones - 2.7/5

Aroma: Opening container - too much material... once I got through it all, aroma is sweet, floral..
Broken- a nice funk, floral, bit of a Italian lunch note, herbal..
Texture: good, a very little bit on the dry side..
Appearance: 1st off: too much packaging with WPG Aeriz line.. this was to the max, with a pen and stickers and a one sided info printout. I feel like this is too much and it is not necessary in a basic gram package. We have one earth and really don’t need to package ourselves to death, this is unneeded.
If the bud is good, it will win.
Smoke/Taste: clean smooth smoke, not a lot of flavor, a bit floral.
High: pretty chill, clear headed THC .81% THCA 25.05% CBD 0% & CBDA 0.78%

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