Banana Daddy (Live Budder) - H  - 4.20/5

Banana Daddy (Live Budder) - H - 4.20/5

Banana Daddy (Live Budder) - H  - 4.20/5

Aroma: Lovely fruit aroma jumps from the container..
Texture: Nice smooth texture, uniform throughout.
Appearance: Light golden, glossy, some beautiful sparkles glisten occasionally.
Smoke/Taste: The hit is delightfully smooth and yet full of flavor. That fruit note from the aromatic profile extends nicely to the flavor profile. Sometimes that’s lost in translation, but not here.
High: Creative high, fun, mood elevating. It’s inspirational, a wonderful experience. 

In fact, it inspired me to write an ode to the hybrid in the spirit of Shakespeare:


Oh Hybrid cannabis, thy concentrated form,

A marvel to behold, a treasure transform'd.

Its potency, a power most unmatched,

Bringeth forth effects, that cannot be scratched.


This concentrate, a blend of Indica and Sativa strains,

Doth offer the best of both, and naught does it contain,

That might disturb the peace, or bringeth pain.

But rather, a euphoria, that doth sustain.


In pipes and pens, it doth make its way,

And bringeth forth a heightened state to play.

For those who seek a potent, elevated stay,

This concentrate, a treasure, worth its weight in hay.


Thus, I do commend this hybrid cannabis,

For its potency, and the effects it dost bring.

For those who seek a swift and sure take off to the wing,

This concentrate, a delight, a joy most divine, to bless.

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