AJ Sour Diesel (Rosin) - S - 3.5/5

AJ Sour Diesel (Rosin) - S - 3.5/5

Aroma: Sweet bubblegum note.. Very nice. Tried to differentiate the aroma btw the 70% & the 30% but it was minimal, the 30% being a bit more citrus..
Texture: The 70% (see Appearance section below) is sticky, like a soft taffy. The 30% is can be handled, breaks in pieces. Its almost like two different items are in here, the 30% like a classic slightly dried wax rather then a rosin. So that’s a bit odd.
Appearance: Two toned! Don’t see that much, likely from two different parts of the same batch. About 30% is a lighter golden, flat and in several small pieces (5-6) around the jar, with a matte finish. The other 70% is darker, in a smushed chunk of thicker material with a gloss finish. Both are opaque.
Smoke/Taste: 70%-Nice, has a pine note, a caramel sweetness. 30%- similar flavor profile, bit more of a nose tickle.
High: 70%- mellow onset, thoughtful. 30%- quick onset, a bit foggy.. This may actually be two different concentrates but still could be the opposite extremes of 1 batch (the very start vs the very middle vs the very end of the run, etc.). 

THC 4.65% THCA 79.32% CBD 0.24% CBDA 0.10%

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