Natures Grace Grace's Cookies moon rocks - H - 3.5/5

Natures Grace Grace's Cookies moon rocks - H - 3.5/5

Aroma: Opening container- Classic Graces Cookies aroma Broken- Same but hashy.. Texture: nice, more kief then usual moon rocks but that's fine. Bit of a thin gooey layer but still breaks up nice, you can tell it was dried & cured nicely.
Appearance: Covered in kief, it was falling off, fully caked!
Smoke/Taste: Very expansive smoke made for a big hit, should take a smaller one next time. (note: took a smaller hit & it was great, smooth..) Hashy taste with some GC notes..
High: AWESOME! Got me so right that I finally finished cleaning the bong & bubbler & slide & DIDN'T EVEN FINISH THE BOWL!
CBD .28% CBDA .14% CBG .63% CBN 0.2% THC 25.85% THCA 19.4%

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