Honey Bee (Rosin) - H - 2.75/5

Honey Bee (Rosin) - H - 2.75/5

Aroma: Has a sweetness to it.. a lime note and a bit of dust (in a good way).
Texture: Handles well (when kept in refrigerated storage), not too sticky and pulls away pretty clean with a dab tool (no long wispy strings).
Appearance: Translucent, has a sheen to it, deep tan.
Smoke/Taste: Hits clean, has a sweetness to it, a caramel note when you breathe out through the nose.. left a bit of a burn on a second hit, so lower temp dabs are good for this one.
High: Creative, euphoric, motivated.. Nice overall experience. 

THC 13.41% THCA 71.35% CBD 0.39% CBDA 0.47%

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