Big Easy - 3/5 – H

Big Easy - 3/5 – H

Aroma: Opening container-Lemon, melon, soft floral note
Broken buds- More of the citrus, this time in the form of a sweet naval orange.
Texture: On the dense side but breaks up well.
Appearance:frosted mid green buds are shiny with crystals, orange pistils are withered and barely visible. Long calyxes have a very hybrid look (not too big and swollen, yet not tiny either..).
Smoke/Taste: Hits pretty clean, a bit more of the aromatic profile being reflected in the flavor profile would be nice.
High: Classic hybrid high, not too much on either side of the coin. Feeling relaxed yet still very functional. 

THC 0.76% THCA 28.62% CBD 0% & CBDA 0%

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