Friday, January 17, 2020

Grandpa Bub (Live Wax) - 4.22/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Clean perfume note, soft citrus.
Texture: the wax is soft with a bit of a solidity, yields easily to a dab tool.
Appearance: opaque, glossy, mid-tan with a hue that leans green.
Smoke/Taste: Has a great mango note! Love the flavor.. Hits smooth.
High: Energetic and fun, excited about little things…(like pronounced mango notes!!)

Delta-8 THC <0.10% Delta-9 THC 3.57% THCA 78.93% THCV 2.38% CBD 0.25% CBDA 0.38% CBN 1.25% CBC 0.16% CBG 0.31% 


Beta-Caryophyllene: 2.06%
Beta-Myrcene: 1.61%
Elemene: 2.69%

Limonene: 2.31%

Linalool: 1.00%

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Blue Dream (Live Sugar) - S - 3.9/5

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Some light blueberry, bite tropical fruit, hint of dust
Texture: smooth yet has a grit to it..
Appearance: Sparkle city! Lovely look, opaque, light gold with some deeper near orange sections where thicker..
Smoke/Taste: hits clean, some cantaloupe in the flavor profile..
High: Creative, mellow, relaxing..(Aug.2019)

Delta-8 THC <0.10% Delta-9 THC 0.73% THCA 88.59% THCV <0.10% CBD 0.28% CBDA 0.27% CBN <0.10% CBC <0.10% CBG <0.10% 


Alpha-Pinene: 2.21%

Beta-Caryophyllene: 1.21%
Beta-Myrcene: 5.77%

Beta-Pinene: 1.07%
Elemene: 1.22%

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Vanilla Lights - 2.45/5 – I (2019 Review)

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Opening container-  a bride citrus, floral note, freshly mowed lawn but with less chlorophyl.. 
Broken buds- slightly more of the same from above, not big on aromatic properties.
Texture: Good, buds have are not overly dry, if anything they might be a bit light on a full cure, possibly rushed a bit.
Appearance: light green buds have orange pistils & the occasional shimmer of a gland head.
Smoke/Taste: Mhhh, a bit muted on the flavor front.. And the finish is leaving something to be desired, notably a smoother finish.
High: Creative, thoughtful, a good counterbalance to a lukewarm flavor profile.

Delta-8 THC <0.10% Delta-9 THC 0.10% THCA 22.50% THCV 0.20% CBD <0.10% CBDA <0.10% CBN 0.22% CBC <0.10% CBG <0.10% 


Alpha-Pinene 0.47%
Beta-Myrcene: 5.06%
Elemene 0.20%

Limonene: 0.24%
Ocimene 0.18%

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Vanilla Lights - 2.1/5 – I

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Opening container- write citrus, some light pine
Broken buds- floral, pleasant
Texture: breaks up well
Appearance: light green, small calyxes, orange hairs, small buds
Smoke/Taste: a bit sharp, flavor profile has some pine & citrus
High: ok, relaxing..
CBD 0.13% CBDA <0.10% THC 0.63% THCA 20.48% 

Terpene Profile-

Beta-Myrcene: 2.47%

Alpha-Pinene: 1.13%

Beta-Pinene: 0.38%

Elemene: 0.36%

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tropical Sunrise - 2.9/5 – H

Author: C.T.

Aroma: Opening container- Light lawn note.
Broken buds- A floral presence with a slight skunk finish.
Texture: Good, balanced moisture level, buds break up nicely.
Appearance: Light green buds are pretty to look at, well formed.
Smoke/Taste: Decidedly avarage.. Like generic BC buds available cheap on the street, for tourist consumption only.. (well not as bad as those buds, but no real flavor to it…).
High: Creative, fun, clear headed, helps score (by.1)

Delta-8 THC <0.10% Delta-9 THC 0.33% THCA 19.98% THCV <0.10% CBD <0.10% CBDA <0.10% CBN 0.27% CBC <0.10% CBG <0.10%  


Beta-Caryophyllene: 0.17%
Beta-Myrcene: 3.76%
Elemene 0.54%

Guaiol 0.07%

Limonene: 0.18%

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